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THE BARN CHIEF (@TheBarnChief) -— Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The BarnBurner.  Hailing from the Midsouth and a diehard Memphis Grizzlies fan, the Chief doesn’t have much time to write biographies.

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ZAK (@BarnBurnerBro) — Memphis-based sports and random topics contributor. Not your average . I got takes for days. Tigers. Grizzlies. Cardinals.

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STACHE (@FarmerBarn) — Buzz’s Girlfriend – WOOF. Fan of organized sports; perennial First Team all-defense in a local rec basketball game near you. Looking to join a bridge club.

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SWEATY FREDDY (@SweatyFreddyBB) — Here’s what you should know about Sweaty Freddy: he likes fun facts, quality memes, and only the weirdest of YouTube videos. He knows a little of this and a little of that, but mostly a whole lot of nothing.  Take his advice with caution, he’ll drop some wisdom, and some nonsense and you have decide which is which.

DIRTY MIKE (@DirtyMikeBB) — Contributing bullshit creator. Dirty Mike is a sophisticated Southerner without the sophistication. Do you like to be critical and judgmental about the world around you? Do you love to eat good food? Do you sometimes lack patience for idiocy? Maybe you just found a new best friend.

BIGGIE (@BiggieBurns) — Your source for sophomoric intellectualism and all things nerd.  Want to sound more intelligent than your friends without putting in the effort to get smart?  Sit back and take notes.

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