Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 69)- Top 50 College Basketball Programs: 30-26 & JD Wise Interview

We’re getting into the 20s of our Top 50 countdown this summer and things are… well they’re heatin’ up. First we recap some life changes with the TICH boys since we last spoke. Then we dive back into the countdown. We’re getting to the teams that have won some national titles and have been to a couple Final 4s. Maybe not necessarily heavy hitters but they can bat in the 5 spot probably. We also welcome back friend of the program and former Wisconsin basketball player, JD Wise, to discuss our list and a new app that he’s helping launch. Finally we finish it off with Hugs.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 68) – Top 50 College Basketball Programs: 35-31 & The Backdoor Cut Show guys

Slowly but surely we’re getting into the big time names during our journey of ranking the top 50 college basketball programs of all time. This week, we have a few teams that have frequented the Big East at one point as well as some representatives from the AAC. We have invented yet another term called “Clockworking.” At some point we’re going to launch a glossary of all absurd TICH terms. We’re also joined by Sam and Mason from the Backdoor Cut show as they offer some of their opinions on the rankings. We also relive one of Doug Gottlieb’s most cringeworthy moments on television. Then we round it out with Where Am I & Hugs. Little nugget for ya: Subbi was elementary school pals with the subject of Where Am I.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 67)- Top 50 College Basketball Programs: 40-36. Day & the Rhode Island/PC rivalry goes on during this pandemic

We’re getting into the meat of our top 50 list now as we reveal 40-36. Coach Boone’s Gettysburg speech somehow makes an early appearance, we talk West Coast Conference and take a trip down college basketball memory lane with some of these teams. We also got The Crier and Justin Haskard to pay us a visit and sling some PC vs. Rhode Island mud. The feud takes no days off, I’m afraid. Then we wrap it up with Hugs. Tell us your thoughts on our list thus far!

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