Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 31)- Big 12 Preview

Steers, beers and Big 12 basketball. We’re not flying over these states (ba-dum-chhh) as we preview the Big 12 COY, POY and regular season champ. Taylor gives us a recap of his weekend in Kansas. We’ve determined that Kansas State fans are the most underrated wild fan base in the country. We also talk about the NCAA beginning their process to allow athletes to profit from their likeness. We give our Starting 5 of favorite Big 12 players and to be honest, we basically chose between 5 teams in the conference. Finally we round it out with Hugs.

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Josh’s early season NBA observations

The NBA is known for its volatility, whether it be teams, players, or styles — so how do you keep up with it? There are always games to watch, podcasts to listen to and articles to read, and I will try to summarize everything we saw in the previous week in one place. For this week, I want to set the bar on some of the most interesting stories that have transpired so far.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 30) – SEC Preview

We head south to preview the SEC COY, POY and regular season champ. We went down a serious rabbit hole about Vanderbilt and got excited about Calipari’s early season interviews where he refers to his team as “kids” 24/7. Spoiler: Subbi think this conference stinks but Taylor thinks it will be a compelling season in the SEC. Then we round it out with our Starting 5 of favorite SEC players we watched (some absurd name drops) and Hugs.

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