Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 53)- Mike Burgomaster interview, Rothstein’s new show & Duke/UNC

Great show today as we sit down with friend of the program and Assistant Director of Operations for Auburn men’s basketball, Mike Burgomaster. We also discuss Jon Rothstein’s new show titled “Stuffed.” We think it’s just him eating, watching film, talking to coaches and spewing his hilarious one liners so yeah… it’s must watch theater. We reminisce on some of our fondest Duke/UNC memories because this upcoming game has the potential to be a real stinker. Finally we end the program with Where Am I? and Hugs.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 52)- Big East madness and potential low seed upsets

Football is over so that means it’s officially time to get hyped for March Madness and college hoops. We recap our weekends and that SPELLBOUNDING Super Bowl halftime performance. The Big East had a wacky day with 3 ranked teams losing at home. Then we discuss teams on the 13-16 line that could pull off a first game upset. All eyes on Bowling Green, Vermont and Liberty. We talk about Texas Tech skulking in the weeds and finish it out with Hugs and Where am I?

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 51)- Rhody Rams, Angry coaches & Kobe thoughts

Shame on us. We forgot to celebrate our 50th episode. FIFTY! YEAH! *Polly Prince voice* We dive into the past week in college hoops that includes a HOT streak from the Rhode Island Rams. Butler and Auburn have had a tough 2 week stretch but their gutty wins on the road against Georgetown and Ole Miss respectively helps them avoid a potential tailspin. Coach K and Rick Barnes were angry. Very, very angry. One was justified in his anger and the other… not so much. Finally, we give our thoughts on Kobe Bryant.

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