Backdoor Cut (Ep. 101) – Grizz Return to Winning Ways, Hot Shooting & Clutch Play, Trade Valu‪e‬

The crew reconvenes for the first time since Chief’s wedding to discuss the Grizzlies win over the Spurs, the logjam on the wing, and Desmond Bane leading the league in 3pt percentage. The guys also discuss Ja’s clutch play and over superstardom, before discussing trading away a main piece of the current team. The show is closed out with the guys giving their picks the 4 games slated for this week. #GrizzNation

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Backdoor Cut (Ep. 98) Grizzlies + Lakers postgame, season trends

– Grizzlies fall to Lakers in Marc Gasol’s return home
– Player and team trends so far this season
– We provide an update on where the Grizzlies record stands compared to our pre-season predictions to this point
– Many minutes were spent lamenting the ambiguity of the Grizzlies’ injuries

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