Sam Ayomide Commits to Memphis and Penny Hardaway

Big man Sam Ayomide announced his commitment to the University of Memphis on Tuesday night.
Penny Hardaway continues his hot streak on the recruiting trail with his third commitment in the last two weeks — and fourth in the class of 2021. Following the commitment of Sam Ayomide, 247Sports bumped Memphis’ 2021 recruitment class up from #11 to #3.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 76)- Offseason transfers, Bluegrass State Basketball & Burgo interview

You know when Vince Vaughn is trying to convince Owen Wilson to go to the Cleary wedding in Wedding Crashers and it takes some time but ultimately Wilson obliges then Vince Vaughn slaps the chair and says “HE’S BACK!” Well that’s basically what we said to one another as we recorded this. We’re back with our weekly installment of episodes and we actually have a season to talk about. But first, we had to tackle some offseason topics and catch up with newly minted Best Friend of the Program, Mike Burgomaster. Taylor also gets quizzed on the transfers that happened this offseason, we talk the Bluegrass State Beef and look forward to a delectable non conference game that you should be pavloving for. Finally we finish up with hugs.

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Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 75)- Top 50 College Basketball Programs: 5-1 & Interview with Rachael Pancakes

We made it, you guys. Not only was a start date announced for college basketball but we also made it to the top of our list. The 5 greatest college basketball programs in all the land. Tough to argue these to be honest. We also welcome to the program for the first time, Rachael Pancakes to discuss her alma mater’s place on this list. TICH mascot, Cashew, keeps barking her head off in the background and we finish it up with Where Am I? and Hugs. Get ready, gang. We’re gonna be coming to you weekly starting next episode!

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