The BarnBurner’s 2021 NBA Draft Big Board 1.0

Despite having been blogging and podding about the NBA for the past 3+ years, I have never made time to really dive in and do the homework required to create a personal draft big board. Consider this version 1.0. Likely this order will change by the time that the draft rolls around in a few weeks as I get more eyes on the prospects via excellent YouTube channels like Hoop Intellect, Adam Spinella, NBA Draft Junkies, and others. Some guys will fall out of the first round while others may ascend into the top 10. This list is not considering team fit, but is just a generic big board in note format to make it easy to peruse and easy for me to relate back to quickly. Thanks for your time and I welcome the feedback and conversation on Twitter @BarnBurnerBro.

1) Cade Cunningham – Freshman, Oklahoma State 

Guard/Wing, 6’8”, 220 lbs

20.1 ppg, 6.2 rpg, 3.5 apg

43.8%/ 40.0%/ 84.6%

  •  Fantastic passer despite only 3.5 apg. He really had to carry that team.
  •  Great size, court vision, and ballhandling ability in full court and also PnR
  •  Knows how to convert near the rim with floaters, and post moves
  •  Can hit shots from all over the floor
  •  Created both his own shots from deep and hit on c&s as well
  •  Not the quickest guy out there, but knows how to use his size to his advantage. However sometimes got stripped by smaller quicker guys
  •  Size allows him to guard multiple positions, but he 
  •  I’m curious how he would play on a team already with a true PG
  • With the talent on his team at Ok State, had to force a lot on offense so turned the ball over a lot. Reminds me of the Trae Young situation at OU
  • Doesn’t have exceptional handles, but makes up for it with savvy
  • Seems like a kid with a good head on his shoulders and someone who wants to compete and be excellent
  •  Incredible ceiling as a big guard who can immediately impact a team like LaMelo did and then continue to build with the franchise

2) Evan Mobley – Freshman, USC

Athletic Big, 7’, 215 lbs

16.4 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 2.4 apg

57.8%/ 30.0%/ 69.4%

  • 7’4” wingspan and almost 3 blocks per game. Jarrett Allen/ Gobert type rim protection
  • On PnR can hedge without giving up too much or playing drop coverage
  • High scoring rate as a roll man. Can finish with lobs. Doesn’t play traditional big man style on offense
  • Stronger bigs will initially give him trouble near the basket. If he gets stronger I bet he works past that
  • Lanky and pretty decent with his dribbling, and he’s trying those moves already so you assume that will only improve. Likes the Jaren Jackson Jr. drive and spin move
  • Shot from three looks pretty smooth
  • He’s the epitome of a modern big who is a stud on defense and also can help spread the floor on offense – even if it’s not with his shooting, he can drive to the rack and be a threat in the PnR

3) Jalen Green – G League Ignite

Scoring Guard, 6’6”, 178 lbs

17.9 ppg, 4.1 rpg, 2.8 apg

46.1%/ 36.5%/ 82.9%

  • Have watched this kid since high school. Super exciting player who is a gamer
  • Great athlete with speed in the open floor and the hops to match
  • Fantastic finisher at the rim with his great body control. Goes in like Morant and hangs, sometimes finishing on the way down
  • Just a stud on offense that you want on the floor at all times
  • Can make the defense pay off the ball if they don’t pay attention to him because he’s so quick and athletic
  • Right now not a great defensive player, but as stated has athleticism. Earned over a steal per game
  • Little small and not great side to side quickness on defense, so will look to see that improve
  • Handles could improve
  • Could be the star on a playoff team in 3-5 years once he buttons up his passing, handles and decides if he is going to be a two-way player

4) Jalen Suggs – Freshman, Gonzaga

Guard, 6;”4, 205lbs

14.4 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 4.5 apg

50.3%/ 33.7%/ 76.1%

  • Suggs is mentally tough and was huge for Gonzaga in the NCAA tournament
  • Very athletic with good leaping ability
  • Fast with the ball in transition and savvy with his dribbling 
  • Decent three point shooter, but good shooter inside the arc
  • Patient and creative passer who waits for the play to develop/can dish with both hands 
  • Can go from a strategic slow dribble to an explosive move to the basket
  • Good defender at 3.5 steals per 100 possessions
  • One of biggest pro’s is that he is a gamer and seems like someone who will want to work and develop his game

5) Scottie Barnes – Freshman, Florida State

Forward, 6’9” 227lbs

10.3 ppg, 4.0 rpg, 4.1 apg


  • Can guard positions 1-4, even can play against quick ballhandlers and stay in front of them. Has quick hands and was top 100 in college last year in steal rate. 
  • One of Barne’s most exciting areas is his playmaking ability on the offensive end. Even as a forward, he averaged over 4 assists per game and was top 50 in assist rate in the country.
  • Good finisher at the rim and gets there in a variety of ways. Shot 68% on close twos.
  • Has the ball handling ability to bring the ball up the floor and push the tempo after defensive rebounds. 
  • Likes to get in the lane and then kick out to his teammates.
  • Initiates most of the plays from the perimeter where he is facing the basket and tries to get downhill
  • Not a good outside shooter. 11/40 from three and 62% from the line.
  • Teams can go under on the PnR on him because he doesn’t present a shooting ability

6) Jonathan Kuminga – Team Ignite

Wing, 6’7” 210 lbs

15.8ppg, 7.2rpg, 2.7apg


  • This dude is physically a beast with impressive overall athleticism.
  • Good finisher at the rim. Uses leaping ability and strength well.
  • Super raw talent.
  • Likes to make post spin moves.
  • Would operate well as an off-ball cutter and in the dunker spot.
  • Potential to be a solid defender, but still lacking some instincts.
  • Averaged almost a block per game in 13 G League appearances
  • Gave up the ball 2.6 times per game
  • Not going to go to a team who is trying to win now, but drafting him could pay of for someone 3-4 years down the road
  • Shot well in his pre-draft workouts

7) Jalen Johnson – Freshman, Duke

Forward, 6’9”, 220 lbs

11.2 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 2.2 apg

52.3%/ 44.4%/ 63.2%

  • Good transition play and a strong athlete at 6’9”. Likes to push the ball and is really good when he gets downhill
  • I like his handles and hops for a guy his size
  • Had a foot injury at Duke and only played 13 games before leaving the program
  • Has point forward-type skillset with good passing vision
  • Heady rebounder and athlete
  • Solid defender on slower guys. Good matchup on 3’s and can guard 4’s and 5’s. 
  • Averaged over a steal and block per game
  • Bad free throw shooter. Very low attempts on threes
  • Pretty careless with his passes and had a high turnover rate. Would have been the highest on Duke if he played more
  • Relies on athleticism to get himself into the paint and get buckets. Not a strong physical finisher and doesn’t have the dribbles to get where he wants always.
  • How hard is he going to work? He also left his high school early. Several years away from seeing what he actually is. Probably a forward who can run the floor but has to stay near the bucket to score by cutting

8) Kai Jones – Sophomore, Texas

Big, 6’11” 218 lbs

8.8 ppg/ 4.8 rpg/ .9 bpg

58.0%/ 38.2%/ 68.9%

  • Super athletic
  • Runs the floor very well and scores at a high rate in transition. Can also carry the break himself
  • Good intuition on cutting and making himself available in offense
  • Can score starting at the three point line. Not reliant on playing on the block
  • 34 three point attempts
  • Can guard smaller players on perimeter on PnR
  • Ok block rate for a big. He’s not so much a rim protector but you wouldn’t be giving away as much on the perimeter with him in the PnR. Traditional bigs will be able to back him down until he’s bigger
  • Has only been playing basketball for like 5 years??
  • Feels like a Jaren Jackson Jr type of player

9) Davion Mitchell – Junior, Baylor 

Combo Guard, 6’2”, 205 lbs

14.0 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 5.5 apg

51.1%/ 44.7%/ 64.1%

  • Excellent on-ball defender. Big 12 and Naismith DPOY. The type of guy you would want to put on CP3 or Dame in a playoff series
  • Can stifle opposing point guards with 6’5” wingspan
  • Great PnR defender
  • Almost 2 steals per game
  • Gets the defense off-balance with his explosive dribbling on the perimeter
  • Shot 60.5% at the rim
  • Stellar three point shooting, including c&s
  • Some good passing out of PnR
  • Good at lob assists
  • Not a huge player. Probably will have to be a backup PG unless there’s another (likely bigger) guard who can carry a scoring load
  • Not really a good free throw shooter. Was three point shooting this year a mirage? He did improve drastically each season at Baylor
  • Doesn’t get to the line much
  • Late lottery or first round. Most places have him much higher, probably because they are hoping for an additional leap like he displayed Jr year?

10) Moses Moody – Freshman, Arkansas

Wing, 6’6” 205 lbs 

16.8 ppg, 5.8rpg, 1.6 apg


  • With 7 foot wingspan can shoot over many smaller defenders. Smooth jumper with a Dillon Brooks or Reggie MIller-esque leg kick.
  • Sneaky passing ability
  • Solid team defender. Might struggle to keep up with faster guys in the PnR, but can make up for a lot of that with his insane length.
  • Second or third scorer on a good team. Not necessarily a guy who is going to always be creating his own shots.
  • Not crazy effective finishing at the rim. Per, Moody shot 56% near the rim and 47% total on two point attempts

11) James Bouknight – Sophomore, UConn

Scoring Guard, 6’5”, 190 lbs

18.7 ppg, 5.7 rpg, 1.8 apg

44.7%/ 29.3%/ 77.8%

  • Versatile scorer from all three levels
  • Confident player
  • Can create his own shot off the dribble
  • Smooth and quick on offense with
  • Not a great three point shooter but creative finisher near the rim. 60% + near the rim
  • Decent defender so far. Is best off the ball at this point.
  • Over 30 for usage rate, so used to having to be “the guy” on his team. Would he be better if he wasn’t counted on for that type of pressure?
  • Felt a lot of pressure and would make bad decisions sometimes
  • Shooting is bleh away from the rim

12) Josh Giddey – International (NBL)

Guard, 6’8”, 205 lbs

10.9 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 7.6 apg

42.7%/ 29.3%/ 69.1%

  • Really fun passer. Can execute on all types of passes. Probably one of the better in the class
  • His height allows him to see passing angles that many people would not be able to
  • Likes to use PnR as opportunities to get to the rim
  • Not crazy athletic, but can use both hands
  • Right now is not a very good shooter and limits his game
  • Uses his body more so than his handles to create an advantage on the court when driving
  • Can get pretty lost on defense and screens without understanding his coverage
  • Tall Rubio lol

13) Franz Wagner – Sophomore, Michigan

Wing/Forward, 6’9”, 220 lbs

12.5 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 3.0 apg

47.7%/ 34.3%/ 83.5%

  • Big player with good defensive ability out on the wings
  • Consistently puts himself in position to challenge shots
  • Gets back in transition on defense
  • Averaged a steal and a block per game
  • Good help side defender as well
  • Runs the floor well, a lot of points in transition
  • Pretty savvy passer out of PnR
  • Clever footwork when driving to the rim
  • Not great at finishing. Right hand dominant
  • Not a bucket getting type of guy
  • Not super good foot speed or burst ability on offense
  • Probably a solid off the bench guy but not someone who knocks off your socks. If shooting improves, you will be able to find a lot of minutes for him

14) Alperen Sengun – International (Turkey)

Big, 6’10”, 240 lbs

19.2 ppg, 9.4 rpg, 2.5 apg

64.6%/ 19.0%/ 81.2%

  • Fascinating footwork around the rim with post ups and over/unders. 
  • Turkish league MVP at age 18
  • Getting comps to Jokic or JV with their slow and methodical style near the basket
  • Good passer out of the double. Sees cutters out of the corner of his eye and gets them the ball
  • Has ability to dribble up the floor on the break and finish or dish
  • Not an outside shooter right now
  • 2.3 turnovers, but was counted on to do a lot at a young age.
  • Shot 3rd most free throws in the league
  • Not fleet of foot and undersized to guard true bigs. Can block shotswell  as a help side defender. 1.7 bpg.  Not sure about his ability to hedge or switch on PnR
  • Getting Sabonis and Kanter comps as international big with an offensive focus. Sengun surely is better on D than Kanter. Has good passing chops like Sabonis

15) Tre Mann – Sophomore, Florida

Combo Guard, 6’5”, 190 lbs

16.0 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 3.5 apg

45.9%/ 40.2%/ 83.1%

  • Good shooting from all three levels
  • Crafty dribbler who gets guys off balance
  • Quick rise once he gets in the paint
  • Solid size for his position and can also pass well, as evidenced by his 3.5 apg
  • Elite shooter off the dribble
  • Can create his own three point shot. Can he also c&s?
  • Doesn’t love contact. Can he body up wings as they try to get past him?
  • Still pretty light for his height, but apparently just went through a growth spurt
  • Probably not primary scorer, but can get buckets and create
  • On-ball defense and decision making seem to be the questions

16) Jaden Springer – Freshman, Tennessee 

Combo Guard, 6’4”, 204 lbs

12.5 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 2.9 apg

46.7%/ 43.5%/ 81.0%

  • Solid and smart on-ball defender. Very active
  • Great hustle
  • Only took 46 threes, but converted at a high clip
  • Strong when he drives to rim
  • Really young 
  • Good at getting out in transition and scoring
  • Great assist rate, looks for others
  • Not crazy explosive on offense. Doesn’t create too much on his own but is a team guy who seems like he will be a solid player but not primary guy
  • Known for bullying his way through the lane
  • Probably a solid and consistent role player

17) Ziaire Williams – Freshman, Stanford 

Wing, 6’8”, 185 lbs

10.7 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 2.2 apg

37.4%/ 29.1%/ 79.6%

  • Can play bigger with 6’11’’ wingspan. Helps him recover on D
  • Really athletic
  • Comfortable with the ball
  • Makes some pretty crafty passes
  • Can guard multiple positions
  • Would force shots on offense. Relied on step back for separation. 
  • Would need to improve shooting in order to make huge impact on team

18) Usman Garuba – International (Spain)

Big, 6’8”, 229 lbs

5.8 ppg, 5.4 rpg, .9 apg

45.7%/ 34.8%/ 72.1%

  • Has a 7’3” wingspan
  • Primary a defensive guy. Gives me Capela feels with the way he moves. 
  • Can protect the rim (especially from the weak side) and also guard out on the perimeter
  • Moves more like a wing on perimeter than a big.
  • Pretty quick hands and pokes the ball away from smaller players 
  • Not a great dribbler, but can do it occasionally
  • Strong athletic rebounder. Very active on the glass
  • Flashes of potential passing ability
  • Will shoot the ball but form is pushy and not clean
  • Don’t know how he would be against seven foot plus bigs but certainly a role for him on the court on defense. Offense is pretty suspect and right now isn’t much there.

19) Keon Johnson  – Freshman, Tennessee 

Guard/Wing, 6’5”, 186 lbs

11.3 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 2.5 apg

44.9%/ 27.1%/ 70.3%

  • Crazy athlete with elite hops
  • Very active defender and disruptor
  • Versatile defender who can guard 1-3 and stay in front of them. If beat recovers nicely
  • Solid cutter and some off the dribble action to beat defender
  • 13/48 from three point range
  • Would provide immediate impact on D, but offense is still a work in progress
  • Kind of wild on offense with no go-to scoring tendency
  • Worth a flyer mid or late lottery for someone who needs a wing defender and energy guy

20) Jared Butler – Junior, Baylor

Combo Guard, 6’4”, 193 lbs

16.7 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 4.8 apg

47.1%/ 41.6%/ 78.0%

  • Great outside shooter on high volumes
  • Good handles and hesitations to get past defenders, keeps them off balance. Likes to do this and create a three point shot off of it
  • High steal and assist rates. Passes aren’t super flashy, but they are effective
  • Shot nearly as many three pointers as he did twos
  • Pretty good defender and is a heady guy who makes smart decisions
  • Not super athlete comparatively, but very cerebral and plays within himself
  • Not someone to blow past defenders and finish great at the rim
  • Someone who can immediately impact a roster and raise the floor with his consistency and veteran knowledge
  • Has a heart condition that has resurfaced
  • Late first or early second

21) Bones Hyland – Sophomore, VCU 

Scoring Guard, 6’4”, 169 lbs

19.5 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 2.1 apg

44.7%/ 37.1%/ 86.2%

  • 6’9” wingspan, very lanky right now
  • 7.8 three point attempts per game, so he’s a killer on the outside
  • Can hit his threes from NBA range already. C&S and also creates his own threes with a step back
  • A score-first player who can get buckets in a hurry
  • Likes to score in transition
  • Top 100 in NCAA in steal rate. Avg nearly 2 per game
  • Questions about on-ball defending. Doesn’t seem like the quickest. Of course wingspan helps with recovery 
  • Would be best for him to improve as a passer. Mostly focused on scoring and puts his head down when driving a lot
  • Probably a lower ceiling than lottery picks because he is slower of foot and not as explosive with upside

22) Josh Christopher – Freshman, Arizona State

Scoring Guard, 6’4”, 216 lbs

14.3 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 1.4 apg

43.2%/ 30.5%/ 80.0%

  • Explosive jump, likes to dunk it. Good build and has a big of dog in him
  • Likes to score in transition with flushes or pullups
  • Good handles and likes to create his own shot with slow down moves and side to side dribbles. Good with change of pace dribbles
  • Good combination of size for his handles, allows him to play as a good sized 2 or a medium to small 3
  • Biggest attribute is his ability to create offense for himself in particular. Pretty much a score first point guard but bigger. Played the 3 at ASU so scoring was more of a priority than passing – which he had flashes of
  • 1.5 spg, could be a good defender with work. Showed it on occasion but has some large gaps there for now
  • Not a great shooter but shot good from the line 
  • Very athletic bucket getter who has potential to be solid defender. Mid to late first round guy

23) Isaiah Jackson –  Freshman, Kentucky

Big, 6’10”, 206 lbs

8.4 ppg, 6.6 rpg, .7 apg

54%/ 0%/ 70%

  • Really athletic big with NBA tools like rim running and protection
  • 2.6 blocks per game with 7” wingspan
  • Can guard out on the wings no problem, he’s quick enough to stay in front of smaller players
  • Very springy in the fact he has good second jump
  • Near top 100 in both offensive and defensive rebounding rates
  • Not sure what kind of offensive player he is. Can drive to the basket from a faceup, hit the mid range face up, but not dominant. Play him in the dunker spot and he can be a lob threat or even in the PnR
  • Once he starts his offensive decision, kind of a freight train with not the most body or ball control
  • Lost a lot of minutes due to foul trouble
  • Tough for him to body up with stronger bigs on D
  • Could be a high energy guy who can excel as a roller and finisher on O and a backup rim protector and versatile defender

24) Trey Murphy III – Junior, Virginia

Wing/Forward, 6’9”, 205 lbs

11.3 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 1.2 apg

50.3%/ 43.3%/ 92.7%

  • Two years at rice then one year at UVA. Around three 3PA per game each year and no season less than 36% from three. Fr and Jr seasons 42%+
  • Very low turnover rate, less than 1 tpg
  • Obviously a great shooter. Lots of c&s action. Can also play above the rim on offense as well
  • Nice face up game with jab step jumper, though not one to create too many shots for himself or others
  • Long arms (7’ wingspan) helps on defense, can get deflections on passes and also block shots. Almost 1 steal and half a block per game at UVA
  • Really gets into the grill of whoever he is guarding and dares them to shoot, when they do he is quick to react with a hand in their face. TBD how he would do against more players his own size, since he was mostly a guard at UVA
  • I see why he’s becoming a draft Twitter darling with his very good jump shooting and potential on the defensive end
  • Probably a late first rounder or early second round guy due to age and lack of ability to reach potential so far

25) Cam Thomas – Freshman, LSU 

Scoring Guard, 6’4”, 210 lbs 

23.0 ppg/ 3.4 rpg, 1.4 apg

40.6%. 32.5%/ 88.2%

  • Bucket getter who creates his own shot
  • Likes to take step-back jumpers to get distance from defender
  • One of the highest rates of shots taken in college
  • Operates well in PnR on offense
  • Took over 200 three-point attempts
  • Drew a ton of fouls and converted at the line
  • Sometimes would chuck it too early and not make the right decision
  • Lacks on defense
  • Seems most engaged on offense
  • Probably an off-the-bench scorer who can keep up the tempo

26) Corey Kispert – Senior, Gonzaga

Wing, 6’7’’, 224 lbs

18.6 ppg, 5.0 rpg, 1.8 apg

52.9%/ 44.0%/ 87.8%

  • Pretty known commodity. His three point shooting is elite and in 4 years averaged over 40%
  • Smart player who knows how to get open for his shots
  • Kinda crapped the bed in the national championship. Is a veteran so I would have expected more from him. Is that too harsh?
  • Very good scorer in transition (best in college statistically)
  • Shoots well both of C&S and a few dribbles. Not someone who is going to create a ton of his own shots. Still, not a bad thing to have
  • Crafty finisher near the rim also, uses his body well
  • He plays tough
  • Not quick enough to guard smaller players very well. Plays bigger than his size and boxes out bigger players well

27) Shariffe Cooper – Freshman, Auburn

Guard, 6’1”, 190 lbs

20.2 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 8.1 apg

39.1%/ 22.8%/ 82.5%

  • Fantastic passer and playmaker for his team. Drive and one handed flings, lobs, passes up the court. Makes the plays slow down for him
  • Obviously he is small, but very quick and fast
  • Body movements around screens reminds me of Morant, maybe some Conley to his game? Finishing style is creative but doesn’t convert that great right now. Lots of scoops and learners but a floater would help him a lot
  • Drew a ton of fouls and scored a lot at the line
  • Quick on defense and can defend on ball well. Seems like he could be a pesky defender type
  • Lots of TO, but still good A:TO ratio
  • At his best, could run a team from the first unit, but would get hunted on Defense. At worst is up-tempo backup lead quard. There are a lot of guys bigger than him in this draft at the guard position, but maybe not as many who are consistently great creators. I think late first is probably about right.

28) Charles Bassey – Junior, Western Kentucky

Big, 6’11”, 230 lbs

17.6 ppg, 11.6 rpb, .7a

59.0%/ 30.5%/ 75.9%

  • Physically a beast of a human. Averaged 3.1 blocks per game Jr year
  • A pair of 3PA per game
  • One of the best rebounders and shot blockers in CBB
  • Manhandles people on the low block and can also catch lobs in the roll
  • Not a huge leaper, but is already tall enough to play above the rim
  • If he was just a post scorer then I wouldn’t be that excited about him, but he also can get out in transition and move well and is a great shot blocker
  • Already comes as the complete package from an old school big perspective, but can run the floor better than traditional bigs
  • Not the type of player who is going to make a move from the perimeter or hit face up jumpers
  • If you need a guy to play big playoff minutes against an elite center, Bassey fits that mold

29) Chris Duarte – Senior, Oregon

Wing, 6’6” 190 lbs

17.1 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 2.7 apg

53.2%/ 42.4%/ 81.0%

  • Fantastic knockdown three point shooter. Almost 50% on c&s threes. Cannot leave him open at all and has size to shoot over a lot 
  • Floats around the arc and positions himself well for his shots
  • He’s a very strong finisher at the rim and big enough to be physical on his attempts 
  • 24 years old so would have to go to a team who immediately needs shooting but isn’t looking to develop or have someone for a really long time
  • Plays like a veteran on defense and hunts bad passes to take advantage of
  • Not the quickest guy for on-ball defense so might struggle with smaller guards
  • Seems to be more of a spot up shooter one trick pony than an all-around 3 and D guy who can create shots
  • Despite his athleticism lacking, he plays very hard, but can he body up bigger guys in the post of keep up with smaller guards?
  • If he was a freshman, he would be going in the lottery, but because of age he will probably be a second round guy

30) Kessler Edwards – Junior, Pepperdine

Forward, 6’8”, 215 lbs

17.2 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 1.2 apg

49.1%/ 37.8%/ 87.6%

  • Nearly 40% from three on c&s. Kind of goofy shot where one leg goes out in front of the other and a little push action up top like Jaren Jackson Jr.
  • Shot 4.4 3PA per game last year. Already has NBA range on his threes
  • Seven foot wingspan helps him out a lot. Not a bulky player, but has a good build and good defensive mechanics even though he’s not the quickest guy
  • I like what I see as a defender on comparable guys his size. Not sure if he will be able to keep up with quicker and smaller guys outside, but his mechanics are solid with the exceptions of some of his closeouts where he can get beaten
  • Excellent finisher at the rim with dunks and also fights through contact on the shot. Gets most of his opportunities off of cuts and some post play
  • Not a great pullup shooter, is best in c&s
  • Also not someone who is going to be creating a lot of his own shots because he can’t get past defenders on perimeter that easily. When he does, struggles to hit pullup
  • If you need a tall perimeter c&s guy, then he can fill that void. Could potentially be multi-positional defender, but right now is mostly a 4

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