Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 97)- Cade Cunningham, The Jerome & Marc‪h‬

It’s been long. It’s been arduous. It’s been fatiguing. It’s been sad. It’s been grotesque. But we made it. A year after the rug was SNATCHED out from under us we’ve made it to March. Our month and don’t you ever forget that. We discuss Rothstein’s countdown to March and this past weekend. Specifically how unbelievable Cade Cunningham really is despite having all of the expectations on him. Then we talk about our favorite precursor to the tournament: The Jerome! We leak a few tidbits that you can only get from the TICH guys. Then of course we deliver you some winners and finish it up with TWIT & Hugs. Again, rejoice all. We’ve made it to March!


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