Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 91)- Dry January, Blue Bloods & Tourney Schedule

Just The Shark & Subbi today as they dive into an array of topics. First we discuss dry January and Whole 30. It’s tough but there is no denying that you wake up feeling refreshed. But don’t fret, we’ll rip the band aid off on Super Bowl Sunday. Then we talk about the fact that for the first time in 60+ years, neither Duke, UNC nor Kentucky are ranked. Wild COVID times we live in but that’s why Subbi says that this year doesn’t really count. Throw an asterisk on it! Then we discuss if Baylor is getting enough credit, Subbi goes down a rabbit hole and probably needs some air and we discuss if you can lose your Blue Blood status. Then we talk about the new tournament schedule. Some very reactionary opinions but there’s no doubt it’s a shock to the system. A gut punch. We venture to May I Have Some More and round it out with Hugs.


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