Titans Fall to Powerful Green Bay Offense

The Titans were unable to keep pace with the Green Bay offense and ended up losing 40-14.

The Titans were unable to come up with enough offensive production to match Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and they fell well short of even a competitive game. As ive been saying, if the defense is going to play this way, the offense will need to put together some serious drives, which they were unable to do this week.

Derrick Henry was a little flat in this game, which is a funny thing to say seeing as he ran for 98 yards, but after his last couple performances, only accumulating 98 yards is a bit of a let down. Tannehill also played off key throwing two picks and only passing for 121 yards. He did have a nice long rush and earned one rushing touchdown to go along with his passing TD. All in all, the performance on the offensive side of the ball left much to be desired, and with the defense seeming unable to stop anyone, there was really no chance for the Titans to keep this game competitive.

The Titans go to Houston next week to face off against the Texans which should bode well for their offense seeing as Houston’s defense has been less that spectacular this year. I am worried that the struggles of late will creep into the playoffs. I hope that I am wrong but we will see what happens as we enter the last week of the regular season.

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