Grizz fans, We got one! Ja Morant is a superstar.

Where were you when 21-year-old Temetrius Jamel Morant erupted for 44 points shooting 67% from the field (and 9 dimes) in 35 minutes?

Where were you when Ja melted into basketball protoplasm, culminating in this self-assist:

I was nestled at home, lazily slumped on my couch, visions of sugar-plums and basketball savants dancing in my head. Happy Holidays, #GrizzNation. We got one. What does that mean, you ask?

In the national media, Ja Morant is often deemed a budding star — a PG centerpiece the Memphis Grizzlies will build around in the future. Well, I’m here to tell you that the future is now. He’s ready now. There is no waiting. #GrindCity, we got one!

Miraculously, or perhaps normally for Ja, he did it with only eight FTAs (which he capitalized on seven) and ONE three-pointer. Usually, 40-burgers are accompanied by an avalanche of 3s or free throws. Compare, for example, Terry Rozier’s 40-pointer tonight, in which he made 10 3s.

Ja, on the other hand, slithered his way through the lane en route to his career night. He got into the paint at will, where it seems he’s already planted a flag and told the other 29 teams that this property officially belongs to the Morant clan. The floater looks automatic. The ball trickery is dazzling. Hell, even DeMar DeRozen, a seasoned veteran and perennial all-star, got caught watching:

Memphis, we got one!

How many others did this sort of thing in NBA history? There’s record books and someone sitting on a twitter account for just such the occasion:

Let’s see, Ja and… a buncha hall-of-famers. We’ll take it.

901, WE GOT ONE!

What did we get? A superstar. Because there’s no denying. There’s no waiting. Ja is here now. I don’t know what the season will bring in terms of Ws/Ls. The team is young and injury-riddled, with Justise/Jaren reinforcements seemingly a month away at least. But watching this young man is the greatest Christmas gift we can ask for at The BarnBurner, and unlike whoever is guarding 12, it’s okay for us to get caught watching. Break out your popcorn, it’s going to be a fun ride — Ja will create memories for you, even if you’re lazily slumped on your couch. I can personally attest to that. We got one.

[featured image courtesy of @NBAHistory]

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