Titans Bounce Back After Loss to Browns to Beat Jags 31-10

One week after a tough showing against a surprisingly strong Browns team, the Titans came back to dominate division rival Jaguars in 31-10 win.

The story remains the same as it has all season for this Titans team. If the defense is able to put together a good showing, the game should be pretty easy. On the other hand, if the defense is struggling, you better hope that the offense can make up the difference. Even though the Jags are not a powerhouse offense by any means this year, they were still able to rack up 354 yards of offense and did not give up a single sack. The Jags were held to just 10 points, but against a team that has a single recorded win this year, I would hope to see a little stronger showing from the defense. At the end of the day, the defense did enough to prevent the Jags from being a threat offensively, and the Titans offense was more than capable of scoring.

Even though the first half started pretty slow, it sure heated up and was led, again, as usual, by King Henry, who recorded his fourth NFL performance of over 200 rushing yards and two touchdowns. I really don’t know what to say at this point, this man is a beast and is a force to be reckoned with. Once he gets a head of steam I don’t know anyone who really wants to stand in front of him and try to bring him to the ground. If Vrabel can get the defense together and Henry continues to be an absolute monster, I think the run in the playoffs this year could be an extended one.

Along with Derrick Henry on offense, A.J. Brown has emerged as quite a potent offensive weapon that Coach Vrabel and Tannehill both love to utilize all day long. Brown logged another 100+ yard day earning 112 yards on seven catches and bringing one of those in for a touchdown. Some of the plays that he is making are truly spectacular, including his one handed grab during a flea flicker play. This dude is just fun to watch and I hope that he and Tannehill can continue to connect downfield.

Overall I think the team is in as good a position as it can be coming to the end of the year. Miscues and inefficiencies on defense still continue to be somewhat troubling, but nothing is at the point where anyone should really be concerned. This week the Titans will travel to Detroit to face a struggling Lions team who is not very threatening. We will look to see the Titans add another W to their record as we march to the post season.

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