Titans Show Up Against Ravens in Week 11

The Titans came away with a well fought win over the ravens on Sunday, showing that they still have what it takes to win games as long as they can get all the pieces working together. They came away with a victory in overtime after 60 minutes of regulation football left the game tied at 24 a side. The Ravens won the coin toss and received the ball first in OT, but the Titans’ defense held them to a three and out and set up the offense to march down the field and win the game on a Derrick Henry touchdown.

This contest was close all the way, and like every other Titans win this season, the game was close. I think it is safe to say we would all like to see Tennessee blow out a couple teams and get some easy victories, but the reality is that while the offense is playing very well, they are ranked 10th overall so far this season, the defense has struggled and so far is ranked 17th in the league. While this doesn’t sound all that bad, it does lead to more close games and the outcome being decided by just a few key plays during the game. Luckily for fans this week, things broke out on the right side for Tennessee.

Derrick Henry continues to dominate the backfield and is currently the leading rusher in the NFL with 1,079 yards on the ground, 133 of which came in this weeks game against Baltimore. He also had the game winning touchdown in OT that sealed the victory. Even with a depleted O Line, missing several key players, the big men up front were able to open up lanes for Henry to smash his way through. Handling the rock almost 30 times in this game, Henry continues to be the heart of the offense, continually throwing the team on his back and carrying them down toward the end zone.

A.J. Brown also balled out on Sunday, even though he only earned 62 yards on five receptions, if you saw his touchdown play you’d understand how impressive those numbers were for this game. Corey Davis also continues to add to the pass attack earning five receptions and 113 yards, and Jonnu Smith, who has been quiet lately, totalled 20 yards on four catches but added a score earning him a nice performance.

Tannehill continues to show why he absolutely deserves to be the starter throwing for 259 yards, two touchdowns, and adding 35 rushing yards and one two point conversion on the ground, all that while only throwing one interception on the day. Over the 10 games played so far this year, Tannehill has thrown for 22 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions, if he continues with that ratio, there is very little for anyone to complain about. 

The defense which has been a sore spot for the last couple weeks was finally able to put together a solid performance that we know they are capable of. They made several key stops when needed, most notably the forced three and out to start overtime that eventually led to the game winning touchdown by Henry. As I have said multiple times this year, if the defense is able to gel as a unit and play the way we all know they can while avoiding dumb mistakes, there is little that they wont be able to do.

Next week the team goes to Indianapolis to face the Colts who two weeks ago on Thursday night beat the Titans 34-17. The Titans will need to put together a more solid defensive performance than in that game and the offense will have to continue to rely on Derrick Henry and look to sneak in some big plays downfield against a stout Colts D.

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