Theater In College Hoops (Ep. 81)- Preseason Top 25 & Interview With Cody Hoxie

Taylor takes the ball and goes iso this week while Subbi and the Shark ride the pine. The initial AP Preseason Top 25 was released and some notable teams are discussed, as well as some daunting schedules ahead of the top two teams in the country. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo has contracted Coronavirus and Taylor discusses how that situation might impact other teams throughout the season. Referee Ted Valentine made comments about how he referees games in loud arenas and names a few of his favorites to which our host has nome not-so-positive thoughts on. Resident Duke fan Cody Hoxie is brought in to discuss his view on the college basketball season, Duke’s outlook and some notes on the ACC. Where Am I? and a hug to Wisconsin-great JD Wise round out the program.

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