Titans Continue to Slide Downhill

The Titans were handed a resounding loss on Thursday going down to the Colts 34-17. Things were looking great in the beginning of the season when the team started out 5-0 but now things don’t seem as rosy, even though they are still on top of the division at 6-3 things are looking rough, and the road to the playoffs isn’t going to get easier.

This wont be a long article because it will simply echo what I’ve been saying which is that the team has been looking great on offense and shaky on defense and if the defense and special teams aren’t able to pull it together, then the team is going to continue to struggle.

This could not have been more evident than in Thursday’s game where derrick henry ran for over 150 yards and the offense didn’t turn the ball over once. There were some key stops by the Colts’ defense that halted some good looking drives, but the offense overall operated as we would hope and expect it to.

The cracks started to show on the defensive side given that they were seemingly never able to leave the field. They were unable to get key stops and continued to let Philip Rivers and the Colts march down the field. The defense was able to hold the Colts on some third down attempts, keeping them to just 33% of third down tries, but in the next crucial play on fourth down, the Titans gave up 60% of those plays allowing the Colts offense to stay on the field.

At this point I think it is a mental game for the defense and what they need is a solid performance next week to boost their confidence and hopefully get them back into the form they showed at the start of the season. Next week they play the Ravens before facing the Colts in their second matchup of the regular season. The defense has a long week to try and figure things out and it will remain to be seen whether or not the Titans will be able to earn another berth into the playoffs.

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