Magic Johnson endorses multiple Grizzlies for NBA Awards

Though he may have made some erratic choices since leaving the hardwood behind for other ventures, Magic Johnson clearly has kept his finger on the pulse this season. Via a tweet on Tuesday, the former Lakers executive put his stamp of approval on Grizzlies rookie Ja Morant and coach Taylor Jenkins to win Rookie of the Year and Coach of the Year awards, respectively.

Many Grizzlies fans and NBA pundits voiced their opinions on Magic’s endorsements.

Ja Morant will likely be a nearly-unanimous selection for the ROTY award, but the fact that Jenkins is also getting some shine is very uplifting. Jenkins help lead a team that many thought would struggle to win 20 games, to a potential playoff birth. That’s no small task.

Also, several folks pondered out loud if Magic owns his own tweets, or if he has a keyboard warrior digitally expressing his opinions.

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