Succession Season 2 Finale Theory: Kendall Becomes C.E.O., but Logan is still in power

There are plenty of Succession finale theories out there, but here’s ours.

Going with the theme of season 2, Kendall doesn’t think or act for himself anymore given the aftermath of season 1. The kickoff of season 2 was Kendall speaking on television but Logan’s words coming out.

Going private is a red herring. Logan hates selling equity (see season 1) and will stop at nothing to prevent losing any of his empire to outsiders, especially foreign nationals from Asia who appear to be going through some turmoil that will bring all sorts of attention from government agencies. Not the SEC, the State Department. That’s a non-starter.

So how do you fight the current image problem and fend off Sandy and Stewie?

Step down as CEO without divesting.

Sandy hates Logan, so ousting him is part of his plan and Stewie wants to have direct influence on the CEO in the form of his college buddy Kendall.

They both get what they want without having to spend another dime. So Kendall is the new CEO.

But here is the master plan. Logan can’t or won’t be forced to sell his equity so he will still have the largest stake in the company. That is how he remains Chairman of the Board but he will be “retired” as CEO and day-to-day operations. That’s where Kendall comes in. If Kendall is CEO, then Logan is still CEO because he is Logan’s puppet right now… or at least he thinks so.

Kendall’s stock with the viewers of the ACN news network couldn’t be higher right now after his performance in the congressional hearing so the stock is less likely to plummet like it did in season 1.

His publicly combative nature means no loss of viewership like naming Shiv as CEO could risk, Roman “isn’t ready”, and Connor… lol.

Pair that with the fact that Kendall was too young to have had anything to do with the scandal at the time that it was happening and that he was at a high enough level for there to be plausible deniability that anyone told him what was going on as a means to protect him.

That means he can stay on.

But he is the blood sacrifice. It’s a false promise because it’s temporary. Kendall will have to deal with what Rhea was going to be stuck with until it blows over and then Logan either tries to reinstall himself at a later date or he can install Shiv, Roman, Marcia’s son (remember the will from the pilot?), or whoever else is the actual master plan.

The Roman and Gerri scheme will be the plotline for next season. We will also find out in Season 3 if Kendall can regain his agency.

Maybe he gets dirt on his dad and that “no real person involved” and their secrets become mutually assured destruction which would free him from his father’s control.

Kendall may be responsible for a death through circumstances, but it’s possible that Logan may have killed somebody or disposed of a body.

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