Grizzlies Acquire Iguodala, Future 1st Round Pick From Warriors

Grizzlies get Iggy, future 1st round pick for helping facilitate the 3-team trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to Golden State.

Late Sunday night as rumors of D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors began to pick up steam, it became clear that a sign-and-trade from the Brooklyn Nets was going to be the means of facilitation for this to occur.  Salary cap experts quickly pointed out that the Warriors would need to shed salary to allow for Russell’s 4-year, $117 million max contract. Andre Igoudala’s name was one of the first to be tossed out due to his $17 million guaranteed for the 19-20 season.

This is where the Memphis Grizzlies come into play. You probably remember that the Grizzlies obtained a $25 million dollar trade exception when they dealt (or will deal on July 6) Mike Conley to Utah due to the way the trade was structured and the returning salaries being less than Conley’s outgoing money.

So the Warriors, who had to make a move to stay afloat in the Western Conference and league-wide arms race to try to remain title contenders after losing Kevin Durant to the Brooklyn Nets, had to send the former Finals MVP and integral piece to their historic run over the past 5 seasons to the Grizzlies. Memphis happily accepted Iggy’s $17.1 million and a future 1st Round Draft Pick from the Warriors, reported by Woj.

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Whether Igoudala ever suits up for Memphis is still to be determined, but there is no denying that he would be a great veteran to have in the locker room to help set the tone for Jaren Jackson, Jr. and Ja Morant.  There is also the possibility of the Grizzlies trading Iggy to a contender for more assets. Then there is always the simple buy out, as well, which would be way less cool for the Grizzlies and seems unlikely at this point.

Zach Kleiman and the Grizzlies front office continue to stockpile future assets. Just a few months ago the future seemed bleak, but the fortunes of winning the #2 overall pick (Ja Morant) thanks to the new lottery system and some shrewd trades have Grizzlies fans as optimistic and trustworthy of a Grizz front office than they’ve possibly ever been.  Here’s to hoping the good vibes continue and fans don’t get upset when the team struggles to win games in the deep (and exciting) Western Conference.


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