The BarnBurner’s April MLB Power Rankings

Where did the month of April go? We’re a good month into the MLB season, which means it’s time for the first BarnBurner MLB Monthly Power Rankings:

Rank Team Record
1 Tampa Bay Rays 18-9
2 St. Louis Cardinals 17-10
3 Los Angeles Dodgers 19-11
4 Houston Astros 17-11
5 New York Yankees 17-11
6 Minnesota Twins 16-9
7 Philadelphia Phillies 16-12
8 Seattle Mariners 18-13
9 San Diego Padres 16-12
10 Arizona Diamondbacks 16-13
11 Cleveland Indians 15-12
12 Chicago Cubs 14-12
13 Milwaukee Brewers 15-14
14 New York Mets 14-13
15 Texas Rangers 14-13
16 Atlanta Braves 13-14
17 Toronto Blue Jays 14-14
18 Boston Red Sox 11-17
19 Oakland Athletics 14-16
20 Los Angeles Angels 12-17
21 Colorado Rockies 13-15
22 Chicago White Sox 11-14
23 Pittsburgh Pirates 12-14
24 Washington Nationals 12-14
25 Detroit Tigers 12-14
26 Cincinnati Reds 11-16
27 San Francisco Giants 11-17
28 Baltimore Orioles 10-19
29 Kansas City Royals 9-19
30 Miami Marlins 8-20

Biggest Surprise: Tampa Bay Rays

It’s a real shame that nobody shows up in Tampa to watch their games, because the Rays play beautiful baseball. Sporting the best pitching in baseball, the Rays rightfully are top of the league with the #1 run differential in the league. Tommy Pham, Yandy Diaz, and Tyler Glasnow have been phenomenal for the Rays this month, and if they can continue that through the rest of the year, we will have 3 AL East Teams in the playoffs.

Biggest Letdown: Boston Red Sox (but that’s an obvious one, so one more) and the Los Angeles Angels

Yes, Boston is not a good team right now and they’re struggling to muster anything together. But they’re the Red Sox, they’ll figure it out, and right the ship. Just wait for it. The Angels on the other hand, good lord. They just gave Mike Trout the equivalent of a country’s GDP and are in last place in the AL West. Trout is doing the best he can, but when do people start realizing that the Front Office there has made some horrible decisions. Once they get rid of some bad contracts (here’s to you Albert Pujols), maybe they can be contenders. It’s just a shame that might be when Mike Trout has already peaked.

First Month MLB Awards

NL MVP: Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers

AL MVP: Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

NL Cy Young: Zack Greinke, Arizona Diamondbacks

AL Cy Young: Tyler Glasnow, Tampa Bay Rays

Most Disappointing Batter not named Chris Davis: Jose Ramirez, Cleveland Indians

Most Disappointing Pitcher: Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox

So there we are. It’s been a fun first month and if the rest of the year is anything like this year, there will be a lot more strikeouts, more bat flips and hit batters (pitchers need to chill), and a lot more important games. After all, does anyone really even start caring until after Memorial Day?

— Matt Dixon

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