Preview: Memphis 901 FC @ New York Red Bulls II

The start to the season for 901 FC has been better than I expected. Not that I expected a season that started out with a record of 0-0-3 and goals against exceeding double digits (that would only happen if Chris Wallace was given reigns to the franchise). Every game has seen Memphis be competitive, with a mentality that encompasses the phrase “get stuck in”.

Maybe we’re like ATL United, with a promising first season, and a championship winning second season? Who knows, but Friday night will see two powerhouses (lol jk jk, but maybe someday) take the field in a match-up that has the 1-1-1 901 FC take on a 1-1-0 New York Red Bulls II. We sent out a few questions to John Perd of Red Bulls News Network to get his feel on the game Friday.

The first 2 games saw a 3-1 win against Swope Park, and a 1-1 tie against Nashville. Do you think the goals will keep coming?

Absolutely, the lineup is still very much trying to get used to each other. The game vs Nashville could have easily been 3-1 as well, had Sebastian Elney and Tom Barlow scored on their opportunities.

Who has been a standout for the first few games?

Marcus Epps. Sure he’s gotten loaned down to the II team, however he’s shown diversity and relentlessness.

Who are you looking forward to watching the rest of the season?

I made the very bold claim that Jean-Christophe Koffi would win Rookie of the Year before the season started. I also look forward to seeing Allen Yanes to improve and possibly get a chance to play with the First team. My wild card has to be Amarildo de Souza, the young Brazilian brought over from RB Brazil.

Do you think the players are more motivated to play due to the fact that they have a direct link to an MLS team?

Well I wouldn’t consider it a main motivation. It gets harped on a lot, but the system is designed to make it possible for the player to get to the first team. I understand that for some it’s not always a blue print for success. However, most players coming through recently have found some success.

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What is the vibe in New York now that there are two MLS teams, both which are great. Still a good bit of interest in USL? Questions for Memphis game

Honestly, I can’t speak for NYCFC. There’s always interest in watching the next generation of soccer players to make it through the system. I don’t think that it will reach the levels of interest that Cincinnati had in the USL any time soon though.

What will be the formation for Friday?

I don’t suspect John Wolyniec will change much, 4-3-3.

What will New York need to do to win this game?

They have to finish the opportunities they’re given. It lost them the full three points against Nashville.

What do you think the end score will be?

3-0 RBNYII if and this is a big if, they can finish off the chances.

– Casey Long with assistance from John Perd

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