Lakers loss to Grizzlies could have season defining consequences

In two months from now when the first round of the NBA playoffs are being played and the Lakers sulk because they have to watch from the bleachers, they might look at this game as to why.

For the unfulfilling season it’s been for the Memphis Grizzlies, there are two bright spots. One of them is the new, sharp-looking basketball court they debuted in October, the other one is that they all but ended the season for the Lakers.

The reason why LeBron will be out of the playoffs for the first time since this 22-year old writer was in the second grade, is because of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Magic Mike scored thirty points on 10-17 shooting with some clutch buckets and free throws down the stretch of the fourth quarter. Jonas Valanciunas did his best Marc Gasol impression with twenty points and thirteen boards.

The game got frighteningly close towards the end when the Grizzlies seemed to be in control during most of the fourth quarter, despite what the box score might indicate. Bruno Caboclo even hit a clutch three point shot and most fans just learned who he was about an hour ago.

The Grizzlies were the beneficiaries of a few LeBron James missed shots, a missed free through, and an offensive foul, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

Wins in Memphis have been tough to come by for the last two seasons.

When my pre-season prediction of the Grizzlies winning 43 games and snatching a playoff spot quickly went from pure brilliance to utter failure, there is no shortage of pride when they pull out a performance like this and play the spoiler role.

Every sports talk show is going to have their worst nightmare when they actually have to talk a little bit about the Grizzlies in the morning.

But you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Memphis Grizzlies did not put the nail in the coffin but they have started the meetings with the funeral director.

But it looks more than likely that LeBron is going to join the BarnBurner staff on the golf course in April. All because of these scrappy Grizzlies.


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