ICYMI: Trump Admits There is No Emergency While Declaring Emergency

President Donald Trump took the White House Rose Garden this morning to declare a national emergency relating to the alleged invasion of drugs and criminals across the United States’ southern border with Mexico. Despite the fact that illegal border crossings have been in consistent decline since 2000 and the fact that no immediate-attention-demanding catastrophe has occurred recently, apparently today was the day where things were so wildly out-of-hand that Trump had no choice but to declare an emergency for purposes of building a wall. Obviously, skeptics were quick to note that nothing has really changed in the past two years since Trump took office and that there seems to be a real lack of exigent circumstances warranting the circumvention of the checks and balances laid out in the Constitution, but who gives a fuck, right? And now we can add to the list of people who understand that there is no emergency…Donald Trump.

That’s right. In the same speech in which Trump declared a national emergency, Trump acknowledged that he did not need to declare a national emergency. Unfortunately, that is not how emergencies work. An emergency is “oh shit, I cut my finger off” or “oh shit, my house is burning down.” Emergencies are the type of events where, if you don’t act immediately, things are only going to get much worse very quickly until reaching a point of no return. Trump proceeded to make things even worse for himself by stating that the only reason for the emergency declaration was that he just wanted to get it done faster. If you have the option to wait on something but just want to speed it up, you’re not having an emergency.

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If you need any more evidence than this that Trump’s little emergency is nothing but a sad attempt to save face by a President who has proven to be incompetent at dealing with his own party, let alone a newly bi-partisan Congress, just because his friends on Fox News started to turn up the heat on his inability to accomplish his vanity project, I’m not sure anything is going to change your mind. For the rest of us, it’s always fun to watch Trump put his foot in his mouth, but this time the whole purpose of checks and balances is at stake. The slope between today’s events and a United States in which presidents govern through the use of executive orders and national emergencies is likely very slippery and the challenges expected to take place in Congress and the courts will shape the role of the executive branch in this country for years to come. Fortunately, Trump put a golden bullet in the good guys’ chamber today.


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