NBA Trade Deadline: Marc to Charlotte?

Over the past few weeks, the trade rumors surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies have been flying around Twitter faster than Hollywood cranks out Fast and Furious movies.

On Tuesday afternoon, all signs were pointing to the fact that Marc Gasol would likely be traded to the Charlotte Hornets and be in North Carolina — or Dallas since that is where they play tonight — by the time that you are reading this.

Most media have speculated that a deal with Charlotte would involve some combination of center Bismack Biyombo ($17mm this season and a player option for the same next season), a young player like Miles Bridges or Malik Monk, and a first round draft pick. If Memphis were to get this haul for Marc Gasol, I would consider it a win because it would bring a) young talent and b) a draft pick to the Grizzlies.

In our weekly podcast, we discussed this possible trade and others.

Not 20 minutes after Sham’s tweet, multiple sources confirmed that Marc Gasol would not be participating in the final home game before the trade deadline against the Minnesota Timberwolves. That is when things started to get real.

The Grizzlies got off to a blistering start against the T’Wolves due to stellar play from both Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ivan Rabb. After the game was underway for a while, Marc Gasol snuck out of the tunnel and sat down on the Grizzlies’ bench to cheer on his teammates. The fans inside the FedExForum noticed and began to cheer for him and wish him good luck. This soon led to the entire arena giving him a standing ovation in the middle of the basketball game. It was a tough moment, but a very cool one that I’ll not soon forget.

After all the hoopla and Marc being held out of the game, I was fully expecting (hoping) to wake up to some news that the deal had gone through and that we could move on and enter into a new phase in the life of the Memphis Grizzlies. Well…that was not the case.

This is what I actually woke up to. What a bewildering situation this has become for both fans and I am sure players alike.

As of writing this, we have about 30 hours remaining until the trade deadline of 3pm est on Thursday, February 7th. There is still some time before any final decisions must be made — and a chance to give the fans some confidence in the front office. The clock is ticking fast and everyone’s patience is wearing thin.

Information that has come to light post-publishing:

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