Reports of Utah’s interest in Mike Conley resurface

About this time last week, it was reported by Tony Jones of The Athletic that the Jazz were looking into the prospect of acquiring Memphis point guard Mike Conley.

We wrote an article about that HERE that you can check out and see some of the takes from the Barn staff.

Here we are a week later, the day after the first blockbuster trade preceding the NBA trade deadline of February 7th, where the Knicks sent Kristaps and co. to Dallas for DSJ and co. plus some first round draft picks.

It is no secret that Memphis is now shopping veterans and franchise cornerstones Mike Conley and Marc Gasol. However, the Grizzlies have not made any significant roster moves since the news on this broke over a week ago.

There have been some rumors involving the potential for Gasol to go to Portland or Detroit, but nothing has come of those at this point.

The most prominent and consistent chatter involving Conley has been centered around the Utah Jazz, and it looks like that is still the case.

On Friday morning, Marc Stein tweeted out that discussions are still occurring between the two franchises ahead of the trade deadline.

Conley would most certainly be an immediate upgrade to Rubio at the point guard position for the Jazz and would give them some more offensive firepower alongside Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. Right now Rubio is averaging 28 minutes per game to Conley’s 33. If Mike could play in a slightly reduced role and play less per game, he would likely thrive and have more longevity in the league. Conley is a better shooter and scorer than Rubio, averaging 5 more points per 36 minutes. Rubio, known for his passing, averages about 1 assist more than Conley per 36 minutes.

Here is a timeline of the rumors, courtesy of Marc Stein via his Twitter account:

In any deal that Memphis does for Mike Conley, there needs to be a first round draft pick headed back to the Grizzlies. If Memphis can also acquire a young player with potential back in the deal, then that would be considered a win. Since most teams looking to upgrade to a veteran and expensive point guard are looking to win now, the aforementioned first round pick will likely be late.

Similar to the deals floating around last week, this deal is probably close to what could be on the table.

Grizzlies would get a few expiring contracts and a first round draft pick out of the deal. Who knows, maybe Dante Exum turns into a good NBA player worthy of his high lottery selection.

This story will be updated as things heat up nearing the NBA trade deadline. Below you will find information that has come to light post original publishing of this article.

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