Inside Look: Weary Grizzlies Travel to Boston

On Friday, the Grizzlies travel to Boston to take on the Celtics at TD Garden. Brad Stevens’ team is currently 5th in the East with a record of 26-18. They are fresh off a win against the Toronto Raptors – who Memphis plays Saturday on the road. Boston is 6-4 in their last ten. This includes a 4 game win streak and 3 game losing streak.

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To help us get an insider’s perspective on tonight’s matchup, I reached out to Evan Singleton, founder of Guy Boston Sports to help answer this week’s burning questions.

This season has been a little tougher than expected, as many pundits had the Celtics as the clear cut favorite in the East. What have been some contributing factors to the struggles and do you think the Celtics are on their road to recovery and past those issues?

I would say the Celtics seem as if they have too many mouths to feed offensively, on a nightly basis.  As far as being on the right path, yes I see them improving. However, I don’t believe that THIS season is the season for the Celtics. Some of these issues may not be turned around.  Hopefully I am proven wrong, but I am starting to view this as a growing pain-like season. The good stuff is coming down the pike.

There is a chance that Memphis conveys their first round pick to Boston this Summer if it falls out of the top 8. If it doesn’t convey this year it will happen either in 2020 or 2021. Would Boston prefer to go ahead and get this pick from the Grizzlies or are they hoping to snag it in a future season?

My mindset would be to get the pick as soon as possible.  Not necessarily to draft a player with the pick, but to use it in a potential trade.  I believe the Celtics need to make some sort of a move (small or large) and having another pick, that they know where it falls, can be used in a trade.  Granted, they’d still be able to trade away a future pick, but teams prefer to know what pick they are getting rather than waiting a few years.

What role players for the Celtics have emerged and made an impact this season

Two names jump out at me. First off, Marcus Morris.  Now no one even thinks of him as a bench player anymore, but that is exactly where he started the year. Coming of the bench. Now he is one of the Celtics’ most consistent starters on both ends of the floor. Aron Baynes is the second name that comes to mind.  He’s become incredibly important.  He has his share of games started now as well. 

What key areas should fans look for on Friday that will decide who wins this matchup between Memphis and Boston?

 Boston has to play like a team.  It sounds simple, and it is, but they have not done that consistently. We they do, they can beat anyone (given that talent) and when they don’t.. we’ve seen how ugly it can get. They’ll also need to put forth effort for an entire 48 minutes. If they let that slip, a gritty team like Memphis may put them away.


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