This offseason will be a time to deal with some harsh realities

Sometimes relationships can die out.

After a certain amount of time, the spark loses its flare. The passion vanishes. It is not that he or she has suddenly become a bad person, it is because the same routine gets old and the chemistry is not eternally sustainable; it never was.

You become less excited to show the other person off in public. The laughing turns to giggles. The giggles turn to “that’s funny”. Eventually you stop telling jokes altogether.

You become less motivated to groom yourself for occasions. When you once would have driven six hours to see the other person, you’d suddenly rather save gas than travel twenty minutes down the road.

You both know deep down that it is over. The only thing keeping you two together is the false hope that the old spark from years ago can re-emerge and the denial of the scary yet inevitable realization that a chapter in your life book has ended.
Not everything lasts forever.

Life goes on.

But enough of this waxing poetic that looks like the concept of an Ariana Grande album. You get the point.

This is basically the situation of the Memphis Grizzlies.

It is time to… break up.

What more evidence must be thrown upon us before the masses realize? They are a mediocre basketball team trying to present themselves as an injury-riddled team that has not quite figured it out yet.

When “We need to see how Justin Holiday fits” or “Well, Jevon Carter needs more time” becomes the narrative, it becomes apparently sad to everyone else except the ones directly involved.

Yes, those playoff runs from five, six, seven years ago were tremendous. Yes, the Grit N Grind era will never be forgotten in Shelby County. Yes, JJJ might be the best rookie who was not born in Europe.

But it is time to let it go. Blow this puppy up and move on.

Mike Conley Jr. will forever be an iconic sports figure in this city. Let us trade him to a contender who could use a veteran playmaking leader. If Kyrie is on his way out of that half-season long debacle going on in Boston, the Celtics would be a perfect fit for Conley. They have assets they could send in exchange whether it be draft picks or a Terry Rozier-type of player.

Send Marc Gasol to a team who needs a rim protector. Send him and his family to Disney World (Orlando Magic) and get back one of their young guards.

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Whoever wears #25 on the Grizzlies needs to go. That guy never lived up to the hype or his contract and spent most of his time here in hospital beds rather than basketball courts. God bless him, but you cannot score baskets with paper mache knees.

As far as the other guys, they can come or they can go. They can earn their time or they can lose it. Everybody else is a moveable part.

Well, almost everybody else.

That lanky kid from Michigan State is not going anywhere. Jaren Jackson Jr. is a prize, especially for a small market franchise who lacks the same type of appeal as the Lakers or Warriors.

So to all Grizzlies fans, the break up would not be so bad.

You might be moving on from your valuable memories but there is a golden opportunity to begin a new adventure.

The new era with JJJ should begin this offseason or else the Grizzlies are just wasting everybody’s time.

They need quick, athletic scorers out of the backcourt and young, versatile players at the forward and center positions.

It is kind of a sad thing to admit. It will be a bittersweet feeling if the aforementioned players wear different uniforms – especially if they come back to the FedEx Forum and drop a few triple-doubles in blowout wins.

But it is not about winning the break-up. If your ex-wife finds a new man to suit her needs while you are still building yourself, you did not lose. You just have a different purpose going on a different schedule.

If the Memphis Grizzlies want to set themselves up for success and prosperity in the long run, it is time to let go.

Clinging on to the past is weak and damn every single one of us if a strong city like Memphis, Tennessee is going to succumb.


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