Trouble in (Grizz) Paradise

You are not the only person who is disappointed in the Grizzlies performance on Wednesday at home against a paltry Detroit Pistons team. Despite 26p/10r from rookie Jaren Jackson and 15p/5r from Kyle Anderson, the Grizzlies could not beat the Pistons inside the FedEx Forum.

Mike Conley failed to score on his 8 shot attempts and towards the end of the game wore a significant bandage on his shoulder while resting on the bench.

Memphis gave up 16 three point makes to Detroit, largely due to poor closeouts and over-extending on help defense. Six Pistons scored in double figures, with familiar foe Blake Griffin leading the way with 26

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The game ended with a final score of 101-94. Tensions were high after the game on the Memphis side, as were seen in the events that followed the final buzzer.

After the game, JB, who is usually prompt, took longer than normal to arrive for his post-game presser. Apparently there was a good reason for this. There was at minimum a heated discussion among teammates, inspired by a consistent lack of closing out games. Other reports would signify that more significant actions took place, possibly requiring a shakeup in personnel.

For J.B. to simply label this as a conversation may have been putting it too lightly.

The common thread in all reports is Omri Casspi, who played 4 and a half minutes in Wednesday’s loss. For the season, Casspi is averaging 5.3 points and 3 rebounds per game in his 26 appearances.

Though his numbers per game don’t seem significant, his extrapolated per 36 minutes numbers put him as one of the more efficient guys on the team.

Mike Conley and Marc Gasol were the only players who faced the media late Wednesday night and Marc acknowledged that it is time for him to step up and be more vocal and a leader on this team.


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