The Brooks Brothers: A Tale In Tweets

Yes, the Grizzlies were under performing against the mediocre Heat, who were draining threes and out rebounding the Beale Street Bears. However, late into the fourth quarter, none of that seemed to matter when we got a massive WOJ BOMB sent straight to our phones. 

Ok, this could be good, a real game changer possible. What are the details on Oubre?

Now we have to wonder who could the Grizzlies role players be that Woj is referencing? The potential list is about 8 players long so we were stuck guessing for a few more minutes. Until..

Oh…dealing Dillon Brooks doesn’t exactly sound like the best possible idea. Fortunately, we got some clarification. 

Ok! That’s way better!

But, apparently the actual GM’s of the teams did not get that same clarification. I tweeted this out as a joke…but unfortunately it was actually quite close to home.

So, it’s cool, it will all get sorted out, right? Kelly Oubre will still be a Grizz, right?

Freaking Washington, screwing up a good thing that Memphis had going. Queue the tanking and horrible management jokes. 

Well, that was fun while it lasted.


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