Breaking: Game of Thrones Set to Return in April 2019

Out of nowhere HBO just released a new Game of Thrones trailer. We have an official release date finally and it is April 2019. Six more months to go. I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I’m here to see the end and I’m here to encourage you to do the same. Eat that extra serving of veggies, hit the treadmill, drink an extra glass of water. Whatever you’ve got to do, because we are going to need all hands on deck for the final season.

Take a look at the official trailer below:

A new Hashtag (#ForTheThrone), but no new footage. I’m personally okay with this, because I don’t want anything to be spoiled. It’s nice to know that we’ve got six more months of making predictions without any footage to confirm or deny us as we go. With that, here’s my personal wish list for Season Eight:

  1. White Walker Hodor
  2. Hound vs Mountain Showdown
  3. Viserion vs Drogon dragon Showdown

Along with the trailer, HBO released a series of #ForTheThrone videos that you can check out on YouTube to get a quick recap of what’s led us up to this point in the series. They get the blood moving. I might need to rewatch the entire series tonight.


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