Grizz Q&A: Newcomers Edition

The newest Grizzlies contributors for The Barn, @zachary__22 and @mattburnham_ pull some questions out of our Twitter mailbag and give their takes for this season’s first Grizz Q&A.

The Grizzlies won one game last week that they probably shouldn’t have against the Jazz, and then turned around and the lost a cake game against a weaker Sacramento Kings team. What are your thoughts on that?

Zach: So far, it’s been tough to gauge how good this team can be. In years past, the Grizzlies have struggled to win games against inferior competition, and it seems to be no different thus far. The win in Utah is huge, but the loss in Sacramento makes it tough to predict how this season will go.

Matt: The Grizzlies did get fortunate in the game at Utah but definitely blew it in Sacramento. Those types of things happen though. Most games in not just basketball but any sport come down to a few plays, sometimes they go your way and sometimes they don’t. Grizzlies saw both sides of that.

Personally, I have not watched Casspi play much previous to his time here, so I was unaware of his shot mechanics. Those are some funky moves. 

Zach: When the front office signed Omri Casspi via free agency, it was seen as a nice addition to a squad that needed three-point shooting and another veteran presence on the wing to help bring their youngsters along. So far, Casspi’s role has fluctuated and his 33% three-point percentage through 5 games won’t inspire much confidence among Grizz fans. However, Casspi is coming off a championship run with the Warriors and his experience will prove to be ever-so valuable for this team.

Matt: I, too was pretty stunned at his shot. I guess that is how he has been shooting for years so there must be something to it. I’m pretty sure if I shot like that I would get swatted every time, but somehow it works for him.

Where the heck are Ivan Rabb and Andrew Harrison?

Matt: Rabb and Harrison have been invisible. Need a SWAT team to find them. Good thing we have a bunch of other guys stepping up though.

Zach: After the additions of Jaren Jackson Jr. and Shelvin Mack, there was a logjam in the rotation and Rabb and Harrison have been the odd men out. While they have seen their roles from last season decreased a bit early on, fans can expect these two to be around for some time. It may not be this year, but both of these guys will be fixtures on the Grizzlies roster for seasons to come.

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Do you feel Kyle Anderson is being used incorrectly?

Zach: Many fans had high expectations for Kyle Anderson after he was signed to a hefty contract in the summer. During his time in San Antonio, Anderson served as the type of glue player that made up for others mistakes and brought high energy every time he stepped on the floor. For the Grizzlies, Anderson can be that same player and much more if given the opportunity. Look for the team to experiment with Anderson more at the four, and he has the ball handling savvy to be a modern point forward. As the season progresses. Anderson should settle in more nicely and show why he was given 37 million during free agency.

Matt: I would like to see more plays drawn up for Anderson for sure, I think we could be surprised at what he can bring to the table. Not sure he’s being used incorrectly necessarily, but definitely needs more touches.

Should the Grizzlies pursue another big?

Matt: Listen, you can never have too much depth. Not sure a big man is needed but if one is available then let’s be aggressive. I’d rather go after more shooters than bigs though. I think we have a very under the radar set of bigs.

Zach: As Marc Gasol ages, many have wondered what this front court will look like in the future. Behind Jackson Jr., there is an Ivan Rabb sized void since JaMychal Green is currently out with a jaw injury. Although the big-man rotation outside of Big Spain is still very raw and inexperienced, the Grizzlies are in good hands with JJJ leading them into their next era.

Dillon Brooks has struggled to find a rhythm so far this season. Do you think he is experiencing a sophomore slump?

Zach: After nearly playing the most minutes of any player on the roster last year and exceeding the relatively low expectations that come with being a second-round rookie, many expected 2018 to be a breakout campaign for Dillon Brooks. Through 5 games, Brooks has looked inconsistent at times and his shot isn’t falling as generously as it did a season ago. With a more crowded roster than last year, Brooks has not had the same opportunities he did as a rookie and the box score shows it. However, Brooks is still one of the most promising players on the squad and he will be a key piece of this team for years to come.

Matt: It’s been a sophomore slump absolutely. But this has been a weird year so far. A lot of guys are struggling to begin the season and maybe he just needs to get himself back into rhythm and it might take a bit more time. Ask me this question again in 10 games.

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