In the Can (Ep. 18) — SUCCESSION: feat. ARIAN MOAYED

On this special episode of the SUCCESSION PODCAST SERIES on The BarnBurner’s IN THE CAN podcast, the CHIEF, KCB, and Farmer Barn snag some sliders and a board seat with ARIAN MOAYED (playing STEWIE on the show).  The fellas discuss Arian’s introduction to Succession, the shoot, whether he’s a billionaire and intends to fund this podcast, dialogue improv on set, women wearing astronaut suits, actor relationships, chess pieces, and then shift to Arian’s theater & film company, WATERWELL, he confirms Season 3 of THE ACCIDENTAL WOLF, and much more.  Arian’s energy is infectious, and simply stated, he’s the man. Y’all will enjoy:

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Succession Premiere
Photo: Cathleen Pettelle-Price *LostLakeDesign

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