In the Can (Ep. 17) — Memphis Filmmaker VIVIAN GRAY Spotlight

The CHIEF sits down with Memphis-native, filmmaker, St. Mary’s graduate, and current USC film school student, Vivian Gray, for a fantastic conversation on IN THE CAN  — part of The BarnBurner Podcast Network.  They discuss her introduction to film, yoga trailers, Blockbuster, TV and Netflix, never nudes, Boots Riley’s disturbingly effective ‘SORRY TO BOTHER YOU’, her upcoming short film, her fears and triumphs making the short, St. Vincent’s influence on her life and creativity, and much more.  Film fans will enjoy this delightful conversation with Vivian:

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August 7, 2018 - Director Vivian Gray, second from right, works on the set of her as yet untitled short film made possible thanks to a grant from Indie Memphis.
Vivian on set directing her short film (Photo: Brandon Dill/Commercial Appeal)

[banner image: Brandon Dill/Commercial Appeal]

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