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In this new age that is so rich with stand up content, it can be very difficult to make a decision on who to watch.  Netflix has so much to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming.  However I have made the sacrifice for all of you, and spent entirely too much time on my couch watching stand up.  So I have decided that once a week, I will highlight a stand-up special more than worth a watch.

Ricky Gervais – Humanity

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After over a 7 year break from stand up comedy, Ricky Gervais returned to his favorite way to entertain. Ricky has had so many irons in the entertainment fire between movies and television that he had to step away from stand up for a time. When a legendary comedian returns to the stage after a long break, there is always a degree of excitement from long time fans. In many cases however, these long breaks can leave a comedian stale with new performances leaving fans longing for the old days. Having seen this pattern play out before, I pressed play on “Humanity” with a hint of reservation in my mind. I am proud to report to you all that my reservations were completely misplaced. Ricky Gervais, much like Dave Chappelle has demonstrated that he is only getting sharper with age.

In this special, Ricky puts his love for dark punchlines on full display. Gervais establishes early in the show that the humor is going to get dark, but somehow he is able to take the audience completely by surprise time and time again. Notable topics that he tackles throughout the special are: dog breeds and their “jobs”, why he doesn’t have kids, and how it can be uncomfortable dealing with other people’s kids.

If you have followed Gervais and his career, you already know that his dark sense of humor keeps him in constantly in the crosshairs of what he claims are “overly sensitive” bloggers. In this special, he shares his perspective on these attempts to stir public outrage in order to silence comedians. Gervais holds a mirror up to those who criticize his jokes and demonstrates how misplaced and ridiculous their outrage often is. This is so important in today’s culture because internet outrage has been firing off in all sorts of directions and has had many comedians second guessing exploring humor in some subjects. Ricky has proven that he will not apologize to those who choose to misrepresent him and shows how important it can be to find humor in all subjects.

Depending on who your parents are, don’t watch this with them, but by all means do watch it!

Have you already seen Humanity? What did you think? Tweet me @sweatyfreddybb and tell me your thoughts!  Watch out next week for a brand new recommendation, and let me know if you have one worth checking out.

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