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In this new age that is so rich with stand up content, it can be very difficult to make a decision on who to watch.  Netflix has so much to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming.  However I have made the sacrifice for all of you, and spent entirely too much time on my couch watching stand up.  So I have decided that once a week, I will highlight a stand-up special more than worth a watch.

Just 11 short years ago Netflix launched its streaming service forever changing the consumption of video entertainment. Suddenly, people had access to more content than they could possibly take in, and all of it was on demand. We were no longer bound by the cable company schedules or our ability to remember to record something. Prime time scheduling meant that most people would miss out on whatever wasn’t a top priority.

Since the rise of streaming, few categories of entertainment have flourished like stand up comedy. Where the past only offered 3 bottle necked doors to fame, Netflix became a brand new super highway to exposure. It had changed the game because suddenly comedians weren’t competing for rare slots on late night talk shows, or the rarer still HBO specials. The format in which content on Netflix streaming was consumed had almost completely removed the feeling of competition among comedians and made wide spread exposure much more possible.

James Acaster – Repertoire

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I pride myself on staying somewhat aware of rising comics within the United States, but I don’t always have the proper outlets to hear about foreign comics. I say that to preface that I never saw this guy coming! I was scrolling through Netflix while in between show binges, and the promo for his special repeatedly caught my eye. Even though I had not heard of him, I decided to give James Acaster a shot. I can honestly say I have rarely been so pleasantly surprised with any viewing on Netflix. James has woven together silliness, clever punchlines, and self-deprecating humor together in the most brilliant way. In less than two minutes, I was totally hooked continue to laugh steadily though the whole hour. When I finished, I discovered he had 3 other hours! He had divided his special into 4 episodes, each an hour long with all new content! If you are looking for a new favorite stand-up, you might just find it in James Acaster.

Have you already seen Repertoire? What did you think? Tweet me @sweatyfreddybb and tell me your thoughts!  Watch out next week for a brand new recommendation, and let me know if you have one worth checking out.

[banner image: Netflix]

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