In the Can (Ep. 13) — SUCCESSION: Celebration & Sh*t Show at the F*ck Factory

TAKE WHAT’S YOURS (as long as “yours” is four giant rails of coke).  Time to bury the bodies and count the cash.  The PRE-KEND is finally here and the SUCCESSION podcast series on IN THE CAN is live.  Come kick it with Kansas City Bret, Farmer Barn, and the CHIEF as we talk America’s favorite dysfunctional global-media family: the ROYS. This week, the dudes talk Episode 1 (“CELEBRATION”) and Episode 2 (“SH*T SHOW AT THE F*CK FACTORY”).  What about Adam McKay shaky cam? Who takes home the patented POWER PLAY AWARD?  What terrible movies did Roman Roy pitch when he was in the banana cabana with Frank?  Will Nicholas Braun aka Cousin Greg the Egg make the most devious moves of all?  Control the narrative here:

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Photo: HBO

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