Trump’s Attack on Lebron Could Be His Worst Tweet Yet

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, this happened last night.

The question that now needs asked is “is this Donald Trump’s stupidest tweet since becoming President?”. Without doing a full review of everything he’s done, I think it’s safe to say we can at least put this one in the running.

For context, Lebron just opened a school in Akron for at-risk youth. Naturally, and deservedly so, this feat was met with almost universal praise. Lebron went on CNN Monday to discuss it and was interviewed by Don Lemon. At one point in the interview, Don asked the King what he would say to Trump if Trump was sitting across from Lebron. Lebron replied that he “would never sit across from him” but that he would talk to Obama.

Keep in mind that this happened on Monday, but this is what Trump is referring to.

Now onto the tweet. First, Trump just can’t get past this idea that he should be shown absolute respect no matter how little respect he shows for everyone else. Even dating back to the Republican primaries, he has had no problem hurling petty insults at everyone around him but then shitting his pants the second someone does it back to him. The man has broken down intelligent, accomplished people into single adjectives like Little, Lyin’, Crooked, Slippery, Crazy, Cryin’, Shady, and Nasty, but then can’t handle Lebron saying he doesn’t want to sit across from him? Get the fuck out of here with that.

The level of pettiness of using the Jordan vs. Lebron debate here is also off the charts. Lebron literally opened a school four days ago which is almost assuredly going to help thousands of children. Naturally, Lebron dominated the news cycle this week for this accomplishment. Among the people that Trump praised since then are Paul Manafort, Kim Jung Un, and himself. Among the people he did not is Lebron James. But let’s even ignore that part. It’s not like Trump has a track record of thanking or praising anyone that he can’t at least siphon some credit from so there’s no real reason to think he would have said anything positive about the King. But the fact that Trump, just days after Lebron finished what he claims will be his greatest accomplishment, dropped the “I like Mike!” line shows just how petty this dude really is.

P.S. Would love Slim to get through to MJ and really put Trump in his place.

Finally, the racist undertones here are too much to ignore. Yeah, I get that he doesn’t actually come out and reference race, but, given his track record, it’s hard to see how insulting two accomplished black men in one tweet just because you didn’t like an interview doesn’t come from a place of latent racism. If you don’t want everything you do to be judged through that lens, maybe don’t run a political campaign based on nationalism and fear. Unfortunately for Donnie, he did, and so that’s how we’re gonna look at this shit.

Just to recap, in one tweet Trump managed to show his lack of respect for everyone else along with his pathetically thin skin, his insane degree of pettiness for anyone who upstages him, and his disgustingly racist worldview. Lebron, a private citizen who has a full time career as an athlete, did more for children in one project than someone who controls a 68 billion dollar education budget has managed to do, and then, understandably, said he had no interest in talking to Trump. I’m excited to watch what will hopefully be some pretty entertaining ensuing fireworks, although I certainly don’t expect Lebron to dip to Trump’s level. Thank god Lebron didn’t shut up and dribble.


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