Much Ado About Ye: A Five-Act Drama

Kanye West — in perhaps a satirical album marketing ploy yet to be disclosed — recently took to Twitter and ended up in Trump’s corner, praising the President’s machismo ethos and their shared “dragon energy.”  The Grammy Award-winning MC’s rapid-fire tweets have been simultaneously perplexing and fascinating, but by far my favorite aspect of the bizarre dialogue was Ye’s public display of John Legend’s opposition and resulting drama.

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Accordingly, I now present to you our generation’s Shakespearean five-act play: Much Ado About Ye.

I. — Exposition.

All the world’s a stage. And all the men and women merely players.  They have their exits and their entrances. And [two men] in [their] time plays many parts.  As if the Twitterverse needed an introduction to these two larger than life characters.  However, their individual stances regarding President Donald J. Trump perhaps eluded the public eye.  With the stage set, we begin our tale.

II. — Rising Action.

Here, our story builds toward the point of greatest interest.

And we keep building…

Finally, the events that give rise to and set up the climax and ultimately the satisfactory resolution of the story itself:

Ah-so.  The key conflict rears its ugly head…

III. — Climax.


The turning point, which changes the Ye’s fate.  Things go from good to bad for Ye, revealing his notably unhidden weakness: hubris.

Oh shit.  Hate disguised as support?  Who can say.  But perhaps a narrative solution is en route…

IV. — Falling Action.

This sordid conflict between Ye and JL unravels, but instead of a clear winner emerging — radio silence. The men take to their respective corners.  Ye tweets a multitude of cartoons with his tweets as captions as well as darkly macabre images geometric architecture/clothing.

Is his sanity beginning to slip?  JL, on the other hand, rises to Red Lobster cheddar biscuit recipes with his wifey:

A moment of final suspense, in which the final outcome of the conflict is in doubt…

V. — Dénouement.

With John tickling the ivories, the conflicts are resolved, creating normality for Ye and John and a sense of catharsis for the Twitterverse.  All complexities are at once unraveled.  Both men are better off than at this tale’s outset.  Ye is restored to power and with his closing promise to “lead with love,” the politically-charged series of events that would purport to tear the two friends apart has actually brought them closer.

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