Beale Street Music Fest: Let’s Talk Lineup

This year’s lineup has dropped, and it seems that we are experiencing an uncharacteristically loaded year for the Memphis music festival. Beale Street Music Fest is always a great time, rain or shine, grass or mud, energy is high and the acts are fun. However, in years past, BSMF has always seemed to a bit lacking in big names when compared to other festivals. In a surprising turn of events, this year’s lineup seems to be the best in the south eastern United States so far. It may not be a roster full of artists regularly selling out arenas, but it’s a deep roster with artists on the rise, as well as those guaranteed to trigger some potent nostalgia.

So let’s dive right in and breakdown some of the Sweaty Freddy favorites of the lineup.

Jack White – The former front man of The White Stripes will make his first appearance as a headliner at BSMF. To say this artist is “extremely talented” is undoubtedly a gross understatement. Do your homework, listen to his latest album and brush up on his other work and you are certain to have one of the best shows one can experience.

Queens of The Stone Age – If you’re a fan of 90s Grunge, you are likely already all over this, but Queens of The Stone Age have a plethora of hits within that genre. Get ready to rock out if you’re going to see this show.

Odesza – Electronic sounds with plenty of catchy hooks and and beats. Expect a stunning light show that could captivate your focus or give you an epileptic seizure.

Erykah Badu – She has had no shortage of R&B/Hip-Hop chart toppers. She carries influence from 70s/80s funk and Hip-Hop. You can expect a powerful yet delicate vocal performance accompanied by music that will have you movin and groovin.

Post Malone – This rapper/singer started playing music after his passion for Guitar Hero made him decide to start playing for real. He has demonstrated not only a variety of talents musically, but also a fun and infectious personality.

Incubus – This band will rock hard in some songs and have you marveling at their musical prowess in others. Their list of enjoyable songs is too long to to possibly fit into a single show. If you are a fan of rock music at all, Incubus is a MUST SEE.

Alanis Morissete – It’s like RAYEEE-AAAAYNE on your wedding day! Enough said.

Kaleo – This band from Iceland has a wide variation in their style, which goes a long way towards keeping a concert fresh. You will hear songs with a Folk influence as well Blues, but their bread and butter is their high energy rock sound.

Vance Joy – He is a pretty hot item in the Alternative genre right now. Most often recognized by his hit “Riptide” I’m excited to see more from this guy.

The Flaming Lips – You may not hear a lot from this group in mainstream music outlets, but after leaving their live show, you will most likely leave a fan if you aren’t already. Expect the Flaming Lips to have the best visual effects of the festival and absolutely phenomenal stage presence.

Ludacris – I believe you’re likely familiar with this rapper as many of his songs are heard far and wide and he appears in the occasional movie. Expect him to go hard this festival, as he prepares to release his album this fall.

Dram – He is a talented artist with a very unique sound in the Hip Hop genre. He also wears a constant good mood on his face that I find pretty contagious. You don’t want to miss his performance.

Third Eye Blind – This band has put up more than their fair share of rock songs you can’t help but sing along to. They sound great live, and their energy is high. You may experience some strange banter from the front man however…

Juicy J – This Producer/Rapper has a huge selection of hits to bring to the stage from his time in Three 6 Mafia as well as his own solo career. I expect his performance to be extremely hype and well attended considering he is from Memphis and has an enormous following in the area. DO NOT MISS

Franz Ferdinand – Where the hell did these guys goy?! Anyway glad to see them play for old time’s sake.

Cake – If you’re not already familiar with Cake, you may have heard a few of their songs without realizing it. Their most famous songs are “Short Skirt Long Jacket” and “Going the Distance” they also cover several times songs, so don’t sleep on that. This band is a personal favorite of mine, but if you don’t know their work very well, I wouldn’t choose them over someone else you want to see. The have mostly a chill vibe with a few songs that have some high energy. Great band to pound a few beers to while you prepare for the heavy hitters.

Well that wraps up the acts that stick out to me in the 2018 lineup. There are several others that I recognize as groups with solid followings. All in all, very excited about this lineup and what it could mean for BSMF going forward. What are your thoughts about this year’s lineup? Let me know what you think!

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