In the Can (Ep. 05) — Black Panther

WAKANDA FOREVER!  The CHIEF and Sweaty Freddy talk Marvel’s Black Panther, co-written/directed by Ryan Coogler.  Is this the G.O.A.T. Marvel movie (as many have said)?  Who would win if Freddy ritual challenged the CHIEF to be EIC of The BarnBurner?  Does Michael B. Jordan possess more swag than anyone else in Hollywood (or perhaps the world)?  How does Freddy fare in “TRU OR NAH?”  And finally, is this the most important movie in Marvel’s movie canon?   Strap in and let’s mine some freakin’ vibranium:

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Photo: Marvel


    • Ryan Coogler Movie Festival & His Unique Style
    • “So he would make you feel something for the characters even though you couldn’t identify with their situation…”
    • Marvel’s in-house writers’ program
  • Early thoughts of this flick — (7:27)
    • Re cliche “world is changing” line in Marvel movies: “When’s the world gonna stop changing, man…”
    • “Marvel does a really good job hiring these young up and coming talented filmmakers that have real voices…”
    • Movie Themes
      • Rejoining the world — isolationism
      • Changing with the times
      • Ignoring tradition
  • Is this the G.O.A.T. Marvel Movie (a ranking) — (15:57)
  • Setting the Stage: OPENING and COMPTON Scenes — (21:00) 
    • “Sets the tone for a lot of the movie…”
    • “You’re slowly but surely given more information about what actually went down…”
  • Who gets the MOST BUCKETS? — (25:30)
    • “He reminds me of a young Al Pacino in The Godfather…”
    • “They said he was the best comic book movie villain since Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight…” — but was he?
  • Sixth Man (or Woman) Award(35:01)
  • How does the ACTION stack up to other Marvel movies? — (39:15)
    • Freddy goes upper 78 percentile somehow…
    • Ritual challenge scenes
    • “It would be especially embarrassing to lose in front of your people…”
  • The Leonardo DiCaprio Overacting Award(49:29)
    • “He was like a kid in the candy store every time he did a robbery…”
    • “What a comic book villain name…”
  • The ISO-PLAY(51:17)
    • Dream sequences/hallucinations
    • “The idea of being able to talk to your father [after death] and kinda reconciling all the things you want to correct in his honor…”
  • The SOUNDTRACK(56:23)
    • Beneficial or distracting?
    • “As different as the movie is, the soundtrack is too, so I appreciate that…”
  • Nick Cage Switcheroo(58:49)
  • TRU OR NAH(1:01:25)
    • “Never mind the vibranium and the wealth, did you see how much clean water they had…”
  • Rewatchability(1:11:47)
  • OUTRO(1:12:50)
    • “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” — Simba

[banner image: Marvel Studios]

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