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In this recurring segment, I’m giving the world an inside look at my sense of humor. Mostly memes, but I’m a sucker for YouTube videos as well. Some of these memes are originals, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram @SweatyFreddyBB because you won’t see some of these things anywhere else!

Tesla released flamethrowers for sale in the U.S. and they sold out immediately. Now Elon Musk is a known genius, so he has to be aware that most people are not responsible enough to handle a flame thrower. So it stands to reason that he just wanted to sew a little chaos…… Elon you naughty naughty genius you.

Scarred emotionally….. I never bite a Chic Fil A sammich without taking a peek under the hood first.

Whenever I’m surprised, I become Owen Wilson for the next 3 seconds. God help you if you start doing this too because it’s a tough habit to break.

Philadelphia went absolutely wild after their super bowl win and it didn’t seem all that different from the zombie outbreak scene in World War Z (which was also in Philadelphia)

If you’re socially awkward or introverted like me, you panic on the inside every time this situation pops up. Terrified to ask someone to partner up, and terrified to tell someone no. All the while having in mind who you would like to work with. This meme hit a little too close to home.

Trying to build a Twitter following is tough. You give yourself a pat on the back for being clever, people leave you plenty of likes and then they move on. What do you have to show for it all? I’m not sure, but it certainly isn’t more followers.

Leading up to the Super Bowl, these cringe-worthy pics of Tom Brady kissing his kids went viral. It became obvious to the public that he isn’t kissing his kids at all! He is sucking their youth out of them! YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE!? THE MAN HASN’T AGED!

You show this to your girl to get some extra action, then you screw up and in 9 months you get a headache that Advil can’t help you with. This headache lasts a minimum of 18 years and gets bigger every day. Make sure ya’ll pull out fellas!

Tide has changed the advertising game, and they are selling pods like crazy since crazy asses started eating them. It’s gonna be a good year for Tide.

Seriously someone tell Voldemort to grow the hell up and just ask Harry out already.

I am definitely the Jim Halpert at my office, but aren’t we all the Jim Halperts of our own lives?

Can I give this good boy a 10 star rating? Scratch that, I couldn’t give him enough stars.

Lol got em. He burned worse than he got burned on Mustafar.

I would have been way nicer as a kid if I had known this housing market was my punishment.

I love their honesty. A true breath of fresh air in a sea of click bait. Lets make some cupcakes and blare some Outkast!

Somebody deport this guy! He’s gonna turk yer jerb! If you got that reference, I automatically like you.


Game safe my dudes. One minute your kicking ass in Wii Tennis, the next minute you have thrown the remote through your flat screen.

The last thing I want to hear is another douche with a guitar sing “Wonderwall” but a trump rendition might be worth a listen.
🎶I said josé you’re gonna get deported todaaayyyy
Cause after all It’s my border wallll🎶


Well that’s I’ve got for this week! If you like what I have going on here give me a follow on Twitter and Instagram @sweatyfreddybb

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