The Problem With Philly Riots Being Called “White Celebration”

The city of Philadelphia did its very best to prepare for the celebratory chaos that would ensue when the Eagles took home the Super Bowl championship. Days leading up to the big game, street light poles were being greased up to prevent climbing or pushing. Unfortunately for Philadelphia however, there was no preparing for this belligerent crowd drunk on victory and booze of all variety.  Image result for philadelphia riots

Image result for philadelphia riots

It was a wild night in Philadelphia to say the least, and many of the fans got carried away and caused quite a bit of property damage. People were acting very foolishly, but they were united under one cause regardless of race, religion, or creed and I can’t help finding something about that a little beautiful. Being an owner of small bits of property myself, I do find that part of the events regrettable. The destruction takes so much away from what would have otherwise been a harmless, and beautiful celebration.

Earlier today i happened across a video on Facebook published by Mic Media that referred to the Super Bowl victory celebration as a “white celebration” which really threw me off, because I understood the giant party in the street to be very much a multi-racial affair. So I fell victim to this inflammatory click bait title and had a little watch of the video even though I knew I probably should just keep moving on with my day…… but i’m glad that I watched, because it definitely made me think.

The video brought up many excellent points about media bias towards African American protests including the Black Lives Matter Movements and the protests of NFL players. There is a real problem with the way these events are covered. The media seems to almost deliberately miss the point because more controversy equals more ratings.

  • Colin Kapernick isn’t protesting America, he is protesting the way African Americans are treated in America
  • Black Lives Matter isn’t saying other lives don’t. It is effectively protesting the same things as Kapernick
  • Protests lead by Black Lives Matter are peaceful and non violent and the rioting that occurred around these protests were the acts of rogue individuals (NOTassociated with the movement) who simply took advantage of the situation.

All of three of those points should be common knowledge, but so far the media has managed to keep people confused on the real motives of those courageous enough to fight for change. There is a really big problem around the way African American protests are covered in the United States. Ratings are taking priority over reality and media outlets are mixing up the stories to add to racial tensions where there should be racial harmony.

Mic Medias video was an attempt to shine a light on this very issue, but I’m afraid that it will likely be divisive losing the main points it was attempting to make. Calling the Super celebration/riot a “white celebration” is simply incorrect, as the crowd was extremely diverse racially. The video could have covered the subject of media bias without making this a black versus white issue. Labeling a celebration that included many races of people a “white event” is completely unnecessary and counter intuitive to bringing everyone together. It is quite likely that most people who see it will miss the otherwise great points being made and the message will get lost in another unnecessarily divisive issue.

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