In the Can (Ep. 03) — I, Tonya

The CHIEF is joined by his fellow movie-going colleague and cinema connoisseur, Katie, to talk 2017’s I, Tonya, directed by Craig Gillepsie and written by Steve Rogers (in fact not Captain America).  Is I, Tonya the G.O.A.T. ice skating movie?  Who is awarded the prestigious Leo DiCaprio Overacting Award?  How does Katie feel about birds?  Discover all these things and take a trip back to the 80s and 90s with us as we unravel perhaps the biggest scandal in Olympic ice skating history:

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For your listening convenience, please find a podcast timeline below (but if you skip segments you’ll miss some #GoodComedy):

  • The CHIEF’s plot summary and our initial thoughts — (1:11)
    • “If you ever wanna watch a movie where Margot Robbie wears a fat suit and gets abused for two hours, well then boy is this the movie for you…”
  • In the Can’s Patented One-Sentence NO CONJUNCTIONS Review(4:51)
  • Documentary-Style Plot Structure and Breaking the Fourth Wall(5:15)
    • “It’s like she’s looking you right in the eyes and you don’t wanna look back…”
  • Margot Robbie’s Performance as Tonya Harding — (8:27)
    • Dynamic or nah?
    • Fake CGI Faces
    • Nominated for Best Actress — will she win?
    • “I think Hillary Swank’s hot…”
    • Million Dollar Baby Tangent (WARNING, Non P.C.)
  • Allison Janney’s Performance as LaVona Harding — (13:13)
    • Is she a secret asshole?
    • “She was a big bitch the entire movie, so she didn’t have to do the whole range of emotion thing…”
    • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress — do we like her chances?
  • Sebastian Stan’s Performance as Jeff Gilloly — (18:24)
    • “He was just an abusive turd the whole time…”
    • But he was good, tbh
  • Who gets the most buckets in this flick? — (21:00)
    • “If they were taken out of the movie, it just wouldn’t be the same…”
  • Sixth Man Award — (22:23)
    • “The worst type of strip situation you’ve ever seen on a film…”
    • Funny Fat Guys
    • “Like no one likes Skinny Jonah Hill…”
  • Leonardo DiCaprio Overacting Award(26:06)
    • Plot Twist…
  • ISO PLAY (single greatest acted scene by a performer) — (26:42)
  • Is this the G.O.A.T. of ice skating movies? — (29:10)
    • “Yes, I have seen no other ice skating movies… it is my absolute favorite…”
  • SOUNDTRACK (80s/90s Hits) — (30:27)
    • “I’m not a big fan of movies that play big songs from the era to make me feel a certain way…”
  • The “Meh” Parts of the Movie — (33:09)
    • “[Abuse] was played for laughs and that’s a little tone deaf…”
  • “Nick Cage Switcharoo”(34:58)
    • “The movie would have won best picture had Nick Cage been in that role…”
    • Hit us up, casting directors…
  • True or Nah (In the Can segment) — (37:00)
    • SPOILER: Katie cheated…
    • “Fuck birds…”
    • Unfortunate love for the Patriots (who subsequently lost)
  • Final Thoughts and BARN Ratings(41:32)
    • “If I ever saw it on VHS, I would definitely buy it…”
    • R.I.P. Blockbuster but YAYYYY HIPSTERS…
  • OUTRO(44:51)
    • Oscar picks #ComingSoon
    • Feat. “Devil Woman” by Cliff Richard

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