Why the internet will kill cable

As the internet grows cable networks lose more and more of the death grip they have maintained on much of the entertainment industry. Prior to high speed internet being readily available, having a television show was a much greater privilege. Networks had all of the leverage over their content creators, because they held the only key to the door that is national exposure. Thanks to the freedom of the internet, the lock to that metaphorical door has been all but blown off.

Every day, more and more of the world’s most talented content creators are opting for online platforms rather than entering restrictive deals with television networks. In far too many cases  networks lure in talented people with promises of fame and success, only to later chip away at their creative freedom bit by bit until only a bastardization of the original vision remains. Dave Chappelle’s Show is one of the most noteworthy examples of how the deals could go wrong. The Chappelle Show was likely the funniest thing on television at its time and still has legendary sketches referenced regularly today, yet the network could not help but interfere to the point of pushing Dave to the point of quitting. Such restrictive work environments are hardly attractive these days when Netfix, Youtube, Hulu, Amazon, and other online platforms offer almost all of the creative freedom a content creator can handle.

Television networks still have a couple of advantages over online platforms in the fields of sports and news coverage, but even these two titanic advantages will not be enough to save them. You can’t talk news networks without people complaining about political bias on one side or another. News stations also rely heavily on a desperate claw for attention like a toddler who needs to show a parent their cool new trick. People are growing tired with news coverage beating negative subjects to death making the world seem far more ripe with danger and social tension than it is in reality. News stations will not be enough to save television networks when communications networks decide internet is the only thing worth investing in, leaving the final tether of sports coverage.

Sports coverage is an absolute monster of a revenue generator for television networks and this has been true for as long as it has been around. Sports coverage is almost exclusively viewed on television, and would be strong enough to save TV on its own. However, Youtube is now cracking the “cable” game and has begun sports coverage starting the countdown to when TV networks are completely obsolete.

You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, it is a Sweaty Freddy certified prediction that internet will replace cable within 8 years of this day.

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  1. Literally the only thing that I watch on cable is sports. I have no other reason to randomly scroll and wait through commercials. My time is more valuable and it is worth it to pay a few extra bucks for a streaming service and have things on demand.

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