In the Can (Ep. 02): The Last Jedi

The CHIEF and Biggie get a little tipsy on blue milk and talk writer/director Rian Johnson’s STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI — the force is strong with this podcast.  Hop on the Millennium Falcon and embark on a journey with us as we crush the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs and bulls-eye a few womprats in Begger’s Canyon:

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Given that we talked for over TWO DAMN HOURS, below is a podcast timeline for your listening convenience.  SPOILERS BELOW.

  • INTRO and One-Sentence (w/ conjunctions) Reviews
  • OPENING and The Bombing Run — (3:25)
  • Cinematography (Shouts to Steve Yedlin) and Un-Star-Wars-y Shots — (7:47)
  • Poe Dameron‘s “Flyboy” Arc — (8:27)
    • “Dead heroes, no leaders…”
  • Overarching Themes — (10:43) 
    • Killing the Past and Failure
  • A Chase Movie (Hyperspace Tracking, Oh Shit No Fuel, and FINN Intro) — (13:40)
    • “We’re getting lost in some galaxy far, far away grammar…”
  • Where’s Rey? Luke Skywalker and Rey on Atch-To (LUKE’s ARC and “Legend” Status) — (18:33)
    • Fuck yo lightsaber.  Rian Johnson subverting fan expectations.
  • Supreme Leader Snoke and Kylo Ren‘s Relationship — (33:48)
    • “The relationship is a little awkward, it’s like if you let your coach down and he said ‘I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed… ‘”
    • Kylo gets rid of that ridiculous mask.
  • Kylo and Rey’s ForceTime(TM) Sessions and Luke’s Training — (42:20)
    • The Three Stories of Betrayal — Rashomon Scenes.
    • “Rey and Kylo sitting on their bed at night, talking on the phone while their parents are in the next room…”
    • Luke’s Trust in Rey
  • Luke faces his failures, and his MASTER (Surprised, We Were) — (1:03:48)
    • Featuring the CHIEF’s Yoda voice.
    • “We are what we grow beyond.  That is the burden of all masters…”
  • Leia (Soulja Boy) Supermans — (1:12:09)
    • “Pour one out for our homie, Admiral Ackbar… Ironically he got killed by a trap…”
    • “There’s a heavy Star Wars precedent for surviving in outer space…”
  • New Characters (Admiral Holdo, Rose, and DJ) — (1:21:00)
    • The “Holdo Maneuver” (Hyperspace Kamikaze) — (1:23:40)
  • Rose Tico and Canto Bight Casino Planet Plot-line with Finn — (1:26:09)
    • SPOILER: we’re not huge fans
    • “You can’t be rich unless you’re an arms dealer…”
    • “[Rian Johnson] didn’t create these characters — J.J. Abrams did — and he had to find all of them something to do in this movie…”
  • CHIEF accidentally and unknowingly critiques this podcast — (1:37:05)
  • BB-8‘s SHINING MOMENT, HE’S THE REAL MVP — (1:40:00)
    • “Poe is not actually an ace pilot. BB-8 is his golden goose…”
  • “THAT” Scene aka Throne Room Liaison with Snoke, Kylo, and Rey — (1:44:03)
  • The LAST STAND OF THE RESISTANCE AT CRAIT and Luke Skywalker Returns for a Samurai Showdown — (1:59:25)
    • “No one’s ever really gone…”
    • Luke’s cathartic moment and embracing his legendary status in the galaxy.
  • FINAL SCENE and the “Broom Kid” — (2:08:17)
    • Rian Johnson’s Influence
  • The Last Jedi’s OVERALL RANK(2:09:54)
    • STAR WARS FANFARE — John Williams just being awesome


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