Tennessee Legislator introduces bill to ban fraternities and sororities

Today Tennessee Representative John Deberry (Memphis) introduced House Bill 2042 which proposes that “fraternities and sororities shall not be recognized or otherwise permitted to associate with, or operate on the campus of, any state institution of higher education.” What does this mean? No more Greek Life on Tennessee college/university campuses unless the organization is a professional fraternity or honor society.

I’m not as big of a crusader for Greek Life as some of my colleagues here at The BarnBurner, but I will stand by the idea that Greek Life does more good than it does bad. I understand that there are some bad apples here or there that enjoy a good butt chug every now and again, but for the most part, Greeks do good things. Specifically, the leadership experiences gained from Greek Life are rivaled by no other and I’d venture to say that Greek organizations have more community service hours per year than any other group on most college campuses. But this isn’t an article to sell Greek Life. I am just a speaker for the people spreading the news of the Volunteer State.

As with any legislation, call your Representatives and Senators and voice your opinion if you are concerned either way. John Deberry can be reached at his office at (901) 725-0130. However, I don’t think you need to be too concerned. There ain’t a dollar in Vegas that says that this passes, but it’s worth exercising your democratic rights either way.

If you want to read the proposed legislation, you can find it here.

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