The Backdoor Cut (Ep. 05): Grizz Talk

Bro, Chief, and Slim are coming at you back-to-back, mainly because it’s the freakin weekend, baby! In this Episode, all we focus on is Memphis Grizzlies basketball. Check out the timeline below for more details.


  • We talk about the great Chris Vernon Vs. Chris Herrington Debate at the top
    • There’s a lot of layers, we talk about this most of the time
  • Slim is wrong about who the Thunder drafted when the missed the Playoffs (12:25)
    • (Cam Payne was who they actually drafted)
  • Tierce Talk (13:25)
    • Potential Trades
    • Tyreke, Mike, or Marc?
  • Conley Insurance Tidbit (29:00)
  • Dope or Nope (30:30)


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