The Brofessor’s Digest, Vol 7.

During this edition of the Brofessor’s Digest, we will cover the league’s most interesting stories of the week as well as dish out conference players of the week. Let’s get after it!

LeBron posts letter to his past self

In what can only be viewed as a move of not so humble bragging and self infatuation, LeBron James posted an Instagram post that included a picture of himself in high school and a letter to his child self congratulating himself on becoming a member of the 30k point club. (did I say “self” enough). Not sure what that is all about, but I guess when you are the King you can do weird stuff like that and get away with it. I wonder what older James would tell younger James about hosting player only meetings? Would he still encourage those?

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Jason Kidd firing

This week, Jason Kidd, the previous coach of the Milwaukee Bucks was relieved of his duties. Since beginning his head coaching journey in 2013, Kidd has been basically a .500 team during his stints with the Nets and the Bucks. Currently on the season the Bucks were right at .500 when they fired him. The management and fans will likely not miss a man whose most memorable moment was spilling water on a court during a game intentionally.

Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo reportedly reached out to Kidd prior to his official firing and asked him how he could help him keep his job. Kidd played the martyr in this situation and told Giannis there was “nothing he could do”. Way to go Jason. 

You can tell from the Milwaukee Bucks Reddit thread that there is no love lost between the fans and the man who used to be their coach.

[MEGA THREAD] Bucks fire Jason Kidd from MkeBucks

NBA Players of the Week


This week’s honors go to Joel Embiid of the 76ers, who went 3-0 wins over Toronto, Boston, and Milwaukee last week. He averaged 33p/12r/3a during this win streak against a gaggle of playoff bound teams. It is now no surprise that he is headed to the All-Star game this year for the first time. Apparently this selection gave him some cahones and is leading him to turning down high class chicks.


Carmelo Anthony takes home the award for the West while averaging 25p/7p/2a and achieving a box plus minus of 18.7 last week. He shot 47% from three while making nearly 4 per game. His play was a big help in wins against Kings, Lakers and an massive blowout of the Cavs, in which the Thunder scored 148 points. Even former Cavs coach, David Blatt had some shade to throw for that showing of his former team.

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