In the Can (Ep. 01) — The Room & The Disaster Artist

In the inaugural episode of In the Can, the CHIEF talks two movies so intertwined they had to be broken down in one podcast: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room and James Franco’s The Disaster Artist.  So hold on to your wallet-sized #FrancoBros pictures, say your “Hai Mark[s],” toss the ole pigskin around for a bit and CHECK IT:

Pod Timeline:

(1:45) — INTRO —  Background for the flicks

(3:02) — What is a “Cult Classic?”

  • “Like a Cinderella team in the tournament…”

(4:29) — GENESIS of The Room and the Legend of Tommy Wiseau

  • “If a vampire existed, it wouldn’t look like the ones in Twilight, it would look like Tommy Wiseau…”

(6:57) — Tommy and Greg “Sestosterone” Sestero seek the “Hollywood Dream”

  • “Spoiler alert: they fail miserably…”

(8:22)The Room

  • “This movie is like the Michael Jordan of shitty movies…”

(9:58) — First Viewing of The Room, the Plot, Sex Scenes, and Dubbed Moans

  • “The movie leads off with two hardcore sex scenes, absolutely soft-core porn-esque, rose petals, funk music…”

(14:18) — Cancer as an (abandoned) plot device (and in general)

(14:50) — The LIVE VIEWING of The Room with Cult (read: crazy-ass) Fans, and what the  hell did I just experience?

  • “You’re literally being pelted with plastic silverware while watching this movie…”

(18:22) — Who gets the most buckets in The Room?

(19:37) — What’s The BarnBurner’s rating of The Room?

(20:17)The Disaster Artist

  • “It’s incredibly meta that James Franco directs a real movie in which he plays a guy who directs his own movie…”

(21:22) — CHIEF’s Opinion of James Franco

(22:42) — Franco Bros. (James and Dave)

  • “I think the Franco Bros. have a really weird vibe…”

(23:10) — Who got the most buckets in The Disaster Artist?

  • “I’m not a big fan of movies about people making movies…”

(25:43) — 6th Man Award in The Disaster Artist?

  • “Hell, they’re not hiring me to cast these things like they should…”

(27:07) — ZAC EFRON!!!

  • “I’m buying a ton of Efron stock right now…”

(28:00) — CLIMAX (non-sexual) and Moral of the Story

  • “Everyone kisses and makes up, aaannnnd curtain…”

(29:28) — What’s The BarnBurner’s rating of The Disaster Artist and AWARD NOMS

(31:37) — Seth Rogan and the problem with Rogan-ing

  • “In fact, I think Rogan needs to stop Rogan-ing…”

(32:49) — Final ramblings, OUTRO featuring: The Room‘s love-making music

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