Memphis “Shoot” Dance Is Taking Over The Internet

Parental Advisory: links contain some NSFW language

Everyone knows Memphis has a deep history in music, with the Bluff City being the “Home of the Blues” and “The Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” while also being know for the contributions of Stax Records and more recently, the city’s impact on Rap music.

Memphis has also had a huge impact in the world of dances, especially Hip-Hop Dances. In 1993 Memphis dance/rap group, G-Style, released “Gangsta” which officially launched the Gangsta Walk, a popular local dance that was actually created in the 80’s and was more commonly known to Memphians as “getting buck”. In today’s age, the most common form of the G-Walk is “Jookin” which resurged in the early 2000’s, thanks in large part to the U-Dig Jookin Academy, one of the original jookin groups in the city. Jookin made national headlines in 2012, when the New York Times ran a story on jookin-phenom, Lil Buck, who rose to prominence with this performance of Swan at the Vail International Dance Festival. Jookin has more upper-body movements than the old school dance it was born from, but the roots of the Gangsta Walk are still alive and well.

Memphis has also had internet dance hits, “Paper Chase” by local artist EP, and more recently “Hit The Quan” by IHeartMemphis. Hell, The University of Memphis Pom Squad even has 14 National Titles, including 4 in the Hip-Hop category.

But right now, there is a new sheriff in town when it comes to the world of Memphis dances. The throne currently belongs to BlocBoy JB and his hit song “Shoot” which has taken over locker rooms, school hallways, and dance battles everywhere. The official video, which was filmed at Denver Park in Frayser, was released on July 25, 2017 and has been making waves ever since. Check the video out below.

The dance isn’t the main focus of the video, but the part where JB is moving his right arm and leg in unison has taken off. The artist has been featured in XXL Magazine and his official video has more than 5.5 MILLION views.

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So how’d the “Shoot” go viral?

The first time I saw it was in the below clip, from Rodney Saulsberry Jr., a sophomore defensive back at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN and a graduate of Whitehaven High School in Memphis (Respect The Haven). Saulsberry and his teammates were celebrating a big win over Tennessee Tech on November 4th, which secured them The Sgt. York Trophy, a trophy that goes to the winner of the quadrangular season series between APSU, TTU, Tennessee State, and UT-Martin.

The very next week, APSU was celebrating a 24-point comeback win over Eastern Kentucky, and the “Shoot” dance once again found its way to the locker room, this time with junior long-snapper Kyle Romano stealing the show.

Then on the very next day, Bengals Joe Mixon and Brandon LaFell were hitting the dance just up the road in Nashville, after scoring a touchdown against the Titans.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on The following week, the Baltimore Ravens were on their way to a 24-0 victory over the Packers in Green Bay, when the defensive unit celebrated a sack by hitting the dance, and surely had the average NFL fan (middle-aged white guy) wondering what the hell they were doing.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on By this time, compilations of the best dances of the “Shoot Challenge” began popping up all over the internet, including here, here, and here.

It even made it’s way into Duke’s locker room, and let’s be honest, Duke isn’t necessarily known for being the “most hip” of the NCAA Blue-Blood Programs.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on Continuing the trend from Duke, Boston Celtics rookie and former Blue Devil Jayson Tatum gives us a glimpse of his moves before taking the court prior to a game.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on Now in the first week of January, we have BlocBoy JB kicking it with Odell Beckham Jr. and being the dancer that he is, OBJ had to give us his version of the dance.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on Now, the dance has officially gone international, as Manchester United superstar, Paul Pogba, along with teammates Jessie Lingard and Axel Tuanzebe were spotted doing the “Shoot” prior to taking the pitch for training.

A post shared by Manchester United (@manchesterunited) on Of course, the dance can also be done in the comfort of your own home, as this country-ass white guy shows us with his version of the dance.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on And finally, Drake was in Memphis on Thursday night (January 18) and was seen hitting the dance with BlocBoy JB himself, at an apparent private party at Love Nightclub.

A post shared by BlocBoy JB 💯💯💯 (@blocboy_jb) on What I’m saying is, shoutout to BlocBoy JB and the Memphis Culture for once again making its way into mainstream America and now across the globe. Now go work on your “Shoot” dances moves, it is not as easy as it appears in the videos, but if done right you could be the star of your next drunken night out. I plan to have my shit crisp for All-Star Weekend in LA.



Anthony Miller hits Shoot After Scoring First NFL TD

And now, former University of Memphis standout, and Memphian, Anthony Miller had the opportunity to hit the Shoot on Monday Night Football after scoring his first career touchdown. Ant did not let Memphis down, but of course he never does.

P.S.- Check out this Memphian in Hollywood

To see how someone puts all of the Memphis dance moves together, including the “Shoot” check out this video from well know Memphis Dancer, King Dre, as he absolutely kills it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when “Shoot” comes on.

Photo and videos from @blocboy_jb on Instagram.

Other videos from @thereal__10k on Twitter and @manchesterunited on IG.


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