The Cutback (Ep. 03) — NFL Divisional Recap and Conference ‘Ship Preview

Q & Slim link up for Episode 03 of The Cutback, the official football podcast of the BarnBurner Podcast Network. The duo recaps the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs from this past weekend and takes a look ahead at Sunday’s Conference Championship games.

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Podcast Timeline

Eagles/Falcons (2:00) “Shoutout Jake Elliot”

Patriots/Titans (8:30) “It looked good in the first quarter.”

Jags/Steelers (14:30) “They could not wait to get out there and get after the Steelers.”

Vikings/Saints (26:35) ‘This was the best game of the Divisional Round.”

Jags/Patriots (35:15)

Eagles/ Vikings (43:00)

C’mon now, you gotta listen for our picks!

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